Thursday, 31 October 2013

Because they're watching...

So, GPS’s are being installed in government fleet type cars/trucks etc, at the temp job I’m working at. They gave me the job to ring around and book them in. Now, this is a terrifically contentious issue at the moment that has these government workers pissed that their employer wants to see where they’re parked and what they’re doing. Cries of it’s not fair or right or bastards (ok, that may have just been me entering into the spirit of the moment) and everyone wants the union to do something or they’ll do something but in my experience people rarely do because talk, as we all know, is cheap.

Anyway, I’ve been ringing…

Hello, we have to book your vehicle in for a GPS installation.
I don’t know man, I’m just the temp. (standard answer to all questions) I have a list and a series of different coloured highlighter pens.
Why the different colours? (Suspicious sounding)
I just like different colours (said casually to make people wonder what ‘colour’ I have used for them and why)
Who says I have to have one?
They do.
Yeah, you know, them. The powers that be.
I’m not happy about this.
No one is ever really happy. Now pick a date…any date.

My thoughts on the GPS thing are this. If you are doing the wrong thing at work or parked outside the pub, the local knocking shop or in your own driveway, I have no issue with that. If you are too stupid to have worked out a plan, an alibi, a medical condition to cover it or the ability to lie with superb rat cunning when required, then maybe you just do the right thing. Because they’re watching…


anny cook said...

Exactly. Probably more than we know...