Tuesday, 8 October 2013


So, I’ve been taking boxing lessons. I like boxing. It’s sweaty hot but very good cardio. My trainer told me today that I’m ‘fierce’ and hit hard – very hard.  I thought she was just joking because I’m always joking around with her about my ‘fists of fury’ as I bob and weave and punch at her. But no, she was serious. Apparently, I hit hard. Very, very hard and she reckons I could take out a lot of people if pushed. Aww…that’s a nice compliment. It made me smile. Maybe other people would like to be noticed and complimented for the way they look. I like that I’m considered fierce.

I credit it all to genetics. My father was an amateur boxer in his youth. Mind you, living in the slums, as he did, you had to be ready to defend yourself.

Fierce looks good on me.