Monday, 21 October 2013

Tipping what?

So, I’m at my current temp job dealing with mechanical things – cars, trucks, things that make a lot of noise and I’m not just talking about men who feel the need to rev machines up and then stand around listening to the noise – and I’m trying to input these worksheets and I come across this one –

“Tipping fault traced to safety tipping switch for over tip on side tip if side tip is tipped tipping will tip over the tipping element.”

What the? I read it several times and thought about the whole ‘just say no’ to drugs thing and Peter Piper and his pickled peppers before collaring one of the men and saying ‘You speak male, what the hell does this mean?’  He read it several times, nodded and said ‘it’s obvious.’ Yes? Pray tell me. He crapped on in some obscure Dead Sea scrolls language until I said ‘you don’t know, do you?' He didn’t. I typed in ‘Tipping will cause it (I had no idea what it was) to fall over.’ Sometimes you just can’t do any more than that…