Wednesday, 16 October 2013

To Cambodia or not Cambodia…

So, people on my personal email got an email link from me about Cambodia. It was just the link and nothing else. Let me assure that I did not send it. It happens. There are losers out there who hack emails because they run out batteries for their sex toys and decide to piss around on the internet hacking people’s emails. So no – it wasn’t me. I have plenty of batteries…and no, I’m not suggesting anyone I know goes to Cambodia – but, in saying that I’m also not implying you shouldn’t go to Cambodia. I’ve never been. I cannot make a judgement on it. Go or not go to Cambodia as your conscience dictates. Okay? I should also add that me sending an email with the suggestion that you ‘go to Cambodia’ does not indicate that it is a subtle way of me telling you to go to hell. If you are on my personal email then you know I would just say ‘go to hell’ in less cryptic terms. Now,  if you did not get the Cambodia email then don’t email me asking why you didn’t. I don’t know. Maybe the hacker sensed your email address was not appropriate for Cambodia – and no, I don’t know why a hacker who has no batteries for his sex toys but plenty of time on his hands doesn’t think you’re worthy of Cambodia. It is what it is.  

So – Cambodia is your choice. Go – don’t go – just leave me out of it.