Thursday, 17 October 2013

Would you stand on your head?

There’s this ghastly woman at the temp job I’m working at who swears disgustingly. Why does she swear? To be one of the boys. It’s a male dominated workplace. The ‘boys’ swear – though, in saying that, not as much when I’m around. I figure it’s because I’m a princess.  Anyway, this woman’s swearing is so disgusting, I pulled her up on it. She said ‘everyone does it at this job.’ I said, channeling my mother,  “If everyone stood on their heads, would you?” She had no answer to this mainly because she looked confused, embarrassed and pissed that I confronted her. Did I have the right to? Yeah, I don't want to listen to a vulgar harpy on heat. Do I have a friend for life with her? Nope. But that’s okay. My point was made and taken on board. Yes, I swear but not like a drunken sailor. There is a time and place and I find that any woman who swears to fit in with men is desperate and doesn’t understand men at all.  But then, who does?