Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Let’s talk about sex…

Anny Cook to me is one of the few authors around that can write romances that are both scorching hot and incredibly funny. That’s pretty hard to do. So how does she write what I call ‘gobsmackable’ sex and keep the romance as passionate and believable as the characters lust for one another? Well I asked her…

1. How hard it is to write realistic sex in a book? Actually, I try to be as realistic as possible. Sex is not usually some pretty scene with fuzzy edges like they do in the movies. It’s awkward and funny and messy. Do you concentrate more on the fantasy angle of what women really want or the technical specifics of body parts? I suppose if I concentrate on any fantasy angle, it has more to do with the man’s attitude than with technical specifics. I don’t usually write things that are physically impossible or really strange. Is there a guideline you use? Just my own imagination.

2. What wouldn’t you write about when it comes to erotica? I cannot ever envision writing extreme BDSM or things to do with body functions, such as golden showers, etc. Those are such a tremendous turn off to me that I don’t see any possible way to make them attractive. The same thing goes for sex involving children.

3. Do you set out to shock people when it comes to sex? Um, no. To amuse? To titillate? Actually, I sort of fumble along with the characters as they try this or that. If it’s amusing or titillating, then that’s in the eye of the reader. Personally, I don’t think that I do well writing “funny”, but there are frequently funny situations that pop up.

4. Have you ever had anyone totally disgusted in the explicit scenes in one of your books? I’ve never had anyone tell me they were upset with a scene in my book. In my own circle of acquaintances, they might not read the book at all because it had sex in it, but that wasn’t because of a particular scene—rather it was the entire idea of sex in a book. I respect other people’s right to their personal values. That doesn’t bother me.

5. Your sex scenes on the Flowers of Camelot and the Mystic Valley series’ make me laugh. Do you set out to be funny or is it an unconscious thing? I don’t ever set out to be funny. But sex is a pretty funny activity when it gets right down to it. I think we take a lot of joy out of it when we try to make it a serious thing. To me, sex should be one of the most joyous things we share with our partner. If it isn’t, we’re not doing it right.

6. Ménage is a hot genre at the moment. Why do you think that is? My take on that is pretty simple. Most ménage is two men and one woman. The idea of two men devoting all their attention to one woman is pretty attractive. And the idea of having two men to touch and explore isn’t bad either.

7. In the conquest to write good sex, do you think writers forget about the fact that it’s still a romance? Unfortunately, some writers forget that it’s not a “how-to” manual. Others seem to have a mental list in their heads... okay, last time they did it with the woman on top...this time we’ll do it with the guy on top... Do they forget about tenderness for passion? If the writer is truly one with the characters, then whatever those characters feel should come through in the scene. For example the love scenes I wrote for Arano and Silence in Cherished Destinies were far more gentle and tender than the love scenes I wrote for Honeysuckle, Dick and Peter. The circumstances were completely different.

So, tell me and Anny - what genre do you like best when it comes to erotica? Put a comment on this blog and you will go into the random draw to win a PDF copy of Daffodil. Now, as always, if I cannot track you down through your Blogger ID or you do not leave an email address you cannot win. If you are under witness protection you can email your answer to me on amarinda_jones@ The contest ends midnight Wednesday April 2nd (EST USA) and I’ll email the winner and as always announce on the blog tomorrow. Keep watching for another contest coming to this blog soon.

Daffodil – the excerptwarning – this is a very adult excerpt

Raulf gestured for her to stand up. “It’s warm enough for you to take off the clothes,” he announced matter-of-factly. “Then you can undress Timmy and me.”
Daffodil’s mouth dropped open. “I—”
“Immediate obedience is the requirement,” he reminded her coolly. She froze, staring at him like a trapped animal. After a moment, he clicked his teeth. “Timmy, obviously, she needs assistance. Can you help her undress?”
Before Timmy could get to his feet, Daffodil shot off the chair like Raulf had lit a fire under her ass. Hurriedly she peeled the blouse and skirt off, folding them neatly and placing them on the table. Disappointed, Timmy subsided back to his place next to the fire.
“Now undress me.” Raulf bounced to his feet and stood at the foot of the pallet he had arranged next to the fire.
He stood motionless while she knelt at his feet and unfastened the clips on his boots. They slipped off easily once the clips were undone. Then she stood and unfastened the zip fasteners on his zipsuit, peeling it from his strong familiar body as she moved downward, revealing his muscled arms and lightly furred chest, that flat rippled abdomen with the faint trail of hair that led to his cock. Her hands brushed over his firm flanks as she tugged the stretchy suit down past his ass. His cock bounced free, nudging her cheek.
She fought the weird urge to take the dark dribbling crown in her mouth. Oddly enough the only experience she had with cock sucking was a onetime experiment with Timmy in the barn. With brisk determination, she continued with her task, ignoring the plump heavy balls nestled between his thighs. Finally, tugging the last of the fabric past his sturdy legs until it pooled at his ankles, she waited as he lifted first one foot and then the other so that she could slip the cloth over his feet. With a silent sigh of relief, she stood, shook out the suit and folded it neatly, placing it with her clothes on the table.
“Now Timmy.”
Timmy was quick to take his place next to Raulf. Daffodil fumbled for a moment with his boots before yanking them free. Then standing in front of Timmy, she began to undress him. Raulf moved behind her, reached around and cupped her breasts, tweaking gently at her nipples.
She whimpered and froze.
Raulf’s lips brushed her ear. “Undress Timmy,” he murmured.
In a flash of old memory, she remembered the day she and Honeysuckle were stretched out on an old blanket in the barn loft watching it rain. “Raulf wants to share you with another man,” Honey said out of the blue.
“What? Are you crazy? Raulf does what I tell him to do.”
“Not forever, Daffodil. Some day, that will change. And when it does, he will share you. Count on it. He likes to watch another man make his woman come.”

“Undress Timmy, Daffodil.” Raulf’s low persuasive voice jerked her back to the cavern. With trembling fingers she spread Timmy’s zipsuit open, pushing it off his broad tanned shoulders that were lightly sprinkled with freckles. He helped her with the tight fabric covering his arms and then stood stock still as she brushed it down to his waist. All the time, Raulf was lightly tugging her nipples, sending pulses of heat to her excited clit and wet pussy.
When she tried to squeeze her legs together to relieve some of the building tension, she found that Raulf was prepared to prevent her attempt with his feet placed between hers. “Uhn-uhn-uh, continue. Finish it, Daffodil.”

Kelly is doing Kelly stuff on her blog and Anny, not surprisingly is doing Anny stuff…funny about that. And remember, it's day 3 of what pisses off the Grippers... challenge - check 'em out
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

You "fumble along" darn well Anny!

I read pretty much everything as the mood strikes me...of course that's when I can actually manage to read anything.

Valerie T. said...

I like menage stories - mostly contemporary. But I've gotten into the paranomal. Love the shifters!


JH said...

Contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormals. I like historical, too. I guess I like everything.

Molly Daniels said...

Contemporary romance is my first love, but I've read a little of almost everything, including horror and paranormal. It just depends on the excerpt I've read, and if it piques my curiosity to read more.

Yummy excerpt!

Judith Rochelle said...

Anny, if wjhat you do is 'fumbling along" I say you;re an expert fumbler. I love your books, especially the Flowers of Cam elor. And I think the fact the you;re unintentialy funny but the humor comes from the way you writes the scenes is what makes them so enjoyable. You have a graceful way with words so no matter how hot or erotic the scene, it's never, ever a turnoff.

Rasha said...

Well I like your stuff Anny although I had hesitated before buying Chrysanthemum at first but now you have me for life. Contemporary is a genre I really love but I also like the paranormal. What makes a big difference for me is the way the story is written and making the characters "real" for me. It also helps if the sex among the characters is super hot :)

Unknown said...

Great interview. Yep, I agree. The romance has to be there for the book to be good. I love a good comedy romance so I've put your books on my tbr list.

Phoenix said...

I like paranormal ghost type stuff, not wares or vamps but ghosties. I also like it when one of the partners is unknown. I think that's why I liked the premise of Dakota Rebel's Hello. Of course I want the person to find out and HEA but I like the initial "I don't know who this is, I hope it's Mr. X but dang I like what he's doing," type book.

Phoenix said...

I got so excited about entering to win Daff, that I forgot to say how much I enjoyed this interview. Nicely done.

Mona Risk said...

Nice interview. I read several excerpts of Daffodil and can't wait to read the whole book. Wishing you a lot of sales, Anny.

Asylumgirl said...

I love menage and I agree with what you had to say about two or more guys devoting themselves to the pleasure of one woman. In the immortal words of Paris Hilton, "That's hot!"

I also agree that sex is funny. To me, if you can't laugh, then you can't have good sex. Where would we be without humor.

Cathy M said...

I love some humor with my romance, and read lots of different genres, just depends on my mood. Lately I can't get enough of paranormal storylines, the sexier the better.

Susilien said...

Anny & Amarinda,

First, don't put me in for the drawing for Daffodil...I already have it, and love it.
Second...Favorite Erotica/Romantica? Wow, So many choices, so little time. Okay, Favoites in this order: Romantic Comedy, Sci Fantasy, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Menage that is actually about love...not just sex, Historical, Fantasy, Western, Contemporary, and Time Travel. Although sometimes I dabble in the rest of them. Does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

I like anything erotic if it's well done. Anny's is always superb. Oh, I guess I don't like too much sadism...Jean

anny cook said...

Heh-heh, Jean... not likely to find that in my books. Thanks to all of you who took time to comment. I've really enjoyed reading through them.

Sandra Cox said...

Great interview, ladies.

Unknown said...

I know it's politically incorrect but we tease my younger daughter by calling her "blondie" every time she has a big blonde moment (she has a lot). She has very dark, rich brown hair.

Judith Rochelle said...

I like almost anything, but I prefer menage with a little light BDSM, Hmmmm!

Elyssa Edwards said...

I think Anny got it dead on as to why menages are hot. They can be a challenge to write. You have to more hands, arms, legs and an extra... well, you know what I keep in the right place.

Daffodil is in my queue to be read and I'm having trouble making myself wait.

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm reading Daffodil right now and just loving it. The humor catches and holds me even more than the sex...and THAT'S smokin' hot. The characters are more different/quirky than ANY I've ever read and I've been a fan of QUIRKY for a loooong time. Great post!


lrhubble said...

Loved the interview. I read anything at all. Menage is always a great read. :-)