Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Random Tuesday wafflings...

Dear Amarinda
Here is your horoscope for Tuesday 9th April

Today finds you very tempted to make a risky move that could jeopardize a sure thing you have going. Before you act, weigh the pros and cons. Unless you feel this an opportunity you just can't pass up, this is one time where you are better of playing it safe.

'Love risky moves…bring it on…

One of my comments yesterday had the following phrases in it

- No, you've failed.
- I can see I my faith in your ability was misplaced.
- I knew you couldn't hack it.

- when really you weren't up to the task.

Does this bother me? Nope, I love it… true angst is a beautiful thing…besides its trash talk. Do you trash talk or are you too wise and mature? I find I’ll trash talk with friends but it’s all in jest. I believe a lot of blogs that run books, authors and publishing companies down is just that – trash talk. It’s amusing, controversial and it can be angst making but to me it can only upset you if you let it. Let ‘em talk if my theory…what are they to me? As my Grandmother Elsie would say "A cat can look at a Queen.”

The findings have come back that Princess Diana was unlawfully killed in the car crash in Paris. Gee? You think? How many millions of dollars did that take to come back was such an obvious verdict? That’s a crime in itself.

Someone told me today that I wear a lot of perfume. Yes, I do. Is that a problem? No, they advised. Apparently they find it strange that I wear perfume every day and other women don’t. Men…funny creatures…sniffing woman. I will admit however there I do like the smell of aftershave on a man but I don’t actively sniff them. I’m funny like that. You know I have been complimented on my feet, my walk and my smell…I’m beginning to get a complex…oh wait, I don’t have time for one.

I got asked today at work do I enjoy the new job. See, this is a hard question for me as I can only give an honest answer – no. I said I understand the job - dealing with money – but other then having a personal passion for money – the word job and enjoy does not go together. They asker was somewhat taken aback but they got over it. Well, you really have to if you work with me as I don’t answer questions in the standard way.

Back to alphabetically pissing me off…

Denial – when I get denied stuff I immediately go out of my way to get if – even if I don’t want it – just to prove a point…it’s a Scorpio thing

Dishes – washing them up. I try to eat over the sink or out of packets.

Double speak – say what you mean and mean what you say – don’t try and baffle me with bullshit. I am capable of doing that myself.

Drugs – illegal substances - why take ‘em? You waste your life and you act like a nitwit. Isn’t real life a big enough trip?

Empty – find things empty because the last person to use something was too frigging lazy to fill it up.

Entertaining – people who turn up without notice at Chez Amarinda and expect to be entertained…not going to happen unless the standard 2 week pre-warning of an imminent visit is announced.

Exercise – just plain pukeable

Expectations – I try not to have them. Sure, I know what I want and what I will do to get it but I expect nothing from anyone else and it always amazes me when other people get so let down by their expectations…life is hard…not everyone is going to follow through for you so rely on yourself.

Fat – people who call other people fat in my presence. Get ready to die or cry because I’m not going to listen to it. No one, to be understanding is perfect - and no one has a perefct body.

Fate – don’t you just wish Fate would come to the door in human form and hand you a list and say “These are all the things you will totally suck at in life, the people you will meet and the successes you will have. Try not to screw it up.” Wouldn’t that be helpful instead of this wondering if you are doing the right thing stuff?

Falderal – I loathe ceremonies and formal occasions. I like simple.

Finger waves – when people wave with one finger – what‘s that about?

I ate 3 triple choc chip biscuits (cookies) for dinner…nothing else all day. I believe my life is going to hell in a handbag at this point of time. A bag of chips yesterday and 3 biscuits today. I would like to blame it on hormones or a man but neither is happening at the moment. What is it all about Alfie? In my defense I was forced to buy these biscuits as I was banking a cheque and I passed by the Cookie Man and I believe I was sublimely called to eat them.

Author Sandra Cox has a contest with baby photos of authors. And yes, I am amongst the baby crowd…just a hint – I am the cutest. Care to win some books by picking who’s who? Then sashay over to Sandra Cox's blog and have a go.

"You should not have crazy friends...but sane and uplifting friends." -- Anne Sexton…uh huh

Anny and Kelly are talking all sort of deep and meaningful zen like subjects. So I was happy to eat my 3 chocolate bickies and read their blogs in quiet contemplation.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Deep and meaningful things, huh? Gimme a chocolate biscuit. I need one.

Good quote--where can we find some sane and uplifting friends? I would rather have the crazy ones.

Phoenix said...

I prefer crazy too.

And if popcorn kernel carnage is deep and meaningful, you seriously need to get out more.

Enjoy the biscuits. Sounds like a complete meal to me.

Molly Daniels said...

I also wear perfume daily. It helps me feel feminine:)

Sandra Cox said...

Sane friends aren't nearly as much fun as crazy ones:)
You might hate ceremonies but isn't falderal a great word?

Unknown said...

Baby pics at Sandra's blog, huh? I'll have to check it out after the daughter's ball game.

Your chocolate bickies (???) are making me hungry. Of course chocolate anything makes me hungry.

JacquƩline Roth said...

Is that really our horoscope today? Hmmmm... I wonder what I could possibly do that was risky when I can't leave the house without frightening small children.

barbara huffert said... Chez Amarinda? Wouldn't that mean Amarinda neglected to refill the item in question? Just asking.