Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Saturday waffle on...

I was reading posts over at the fascinating Random Thoughts blog by Barbara Huffert and I saw this horoscope thing and thought I’d try it out. On the whole I would say it’s correct for Scorpios…and no I’m not biased in any way towards me.

Marlow’s Curse review

Sometimes the sequel to a book falls short, sometimes it is as good as its predecessor and sometimes it exceeds its predecessor. Marlow’s Curse falls somewhere between as good as and exceeding Shades of Grey. Ms. Jones vampire mythology is added to with the fleshing out of the St. Michael’s witches and Demons, adding another layer to this alternate Australia.

Marlow’s Curse is filled with the same action and quick but unrushed pace as her previous novel, but does not rely on the reader having read the previous book to make the story engaging. Nor does it bore the reader with large amounts of boring back story to bring the new reader up to speed. Instead, Ms. Jones employs the tried and true method of giving the reader information from the previous book within the context of the story as needed. As a reader this is the method I prefer, I’m not subjected to pages of information that bog down the current story, yet given enough when needed to refresh the material in my mind.If you enjoyed Shades of Grey, you’ll enjoy Marlow’s Curse. If you’ve never read Shades of Grey you’ll still enjoy Marlow’s Curse. So, add it to your list!

Saturday stuff....

I have a piece of furniture that I have been meaning to strip down and sand for the longest time. It’s circa 1930’s (all my furniture is old) and it’s what I would call a long, heavy (all my furniture is heavy) sideboard. In theory it should be in a dining room but I have it in the lounge room and the TV sits on it. It is painted white. I personally don’t like things painted white. To me, it’s just boring. So a couple of weeks ago I went and bought 2 litres of Shocking Rhubarb paint – it's dark pink - boarding on magenta. I tend to paint most things dark pink, red or purple. As much as I would have liked to strip it back to bare wood it would take forever and who has the time? Once I used to spend a great deal of time and effort renovating and I was good at it. Mind you I was taught by a master – my mother. But
now, with everything else, the renos have fallen by the wayside. So this morning I actually decided enough of the white and painted the side board. It looks fantastic to me but I know a few people when they visit will raise eyebrows - but will say nothing as they know I am not seeking approval from them. I love living alone and being able to paint things wild colours.

I have a friend who cries poor. You know what I mean…"Oh pity me I have no money to do anything so please feel sorry for me.” Bullshit. This is a woman who is traveling at the moment on a week’s holiday and spending a bucket load of money but cannot afford to pay her bills and tries to get sympathy from others. She tells pathetic stories of her desperation for money. Before I knew her I thought, that’s too bad. Having been there and done the skint thing I know how hard it was to come up with money to pay a bill when you have only $2 to your name. We’ve all been there. Dead broke sucks. But then I found out that she traveled extensively and spent money like it was going out of fashion. I pointed this out to her when she tried to give me her next sob story. “But I am so stressed over money I have to have some entertainment.” Huh? Pardon me but you’re an idiot and there is no way I am feeling sorry for you any more. It annoys me that there are genuinely poor people out there – you know the ones who are living on the bones of their arse – while others take off and spend money then tell you how they cannot afford food, clothes etc. Been there, done that and no, never had the money to travel due to stress. To those who cry poor and aren’t – you are pathetic but not in a sad way – more in a grow up and accept responsibility way, ya whiner.

I find changing and making beds dreary. Could be that I loathe all housework related activities or that one of my many jobs was as a chambermaid and I made so many beds it scarred me for life. Okay, probably a bit dramatic but maybe there’s a book in that – no wait – I’ve written it – Maid For Death. Anyway, bed making is boring and I never make my bed during the week. Why? I don’t want to. I leave it in a tangled mess and fling myself back into at night. No, I’m not a slob. I just prefer the chaos theory of life. Anyway, I made the bed eventually, after the bed making faeries refused to show – annoying little bastards. The sheets and pillow cases don’t match. I have lots of linen – I am my mother’s daughter – but matching it up is boring. I used to work with this gay guy called, er…Eric. Eric was fanatical about bed linen and he believed it should make a statement. He would spend thousands of dollars - I kid you not -on sheets and bed stuff. He was horrified that I never matched my linens up by colour and mood. Come on – the mood is I want to go to bed and any bloody sheet colour will do. People are funny aren’t they? Not you or I of course…

I have noticed this in the comments field of a couple of blogs. The name changes but the wording remains the same. Suspect? Oh hell yeah…

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Hmm…what load of shinola would they be selling I wonder?

Stuff for Sunday

I have a vague plan to go and buy a fridge tomorrow. I’m not big on plans – that’s why it’s vague. I mentioned to my father I would do that and maybe look at getting a digital camera. He said why the camera? What are you going to take photos of? I responded I did not know. So why get it? Yes, good point but the thing is my father would have asked Henry Ford what was the point of making a car when a horse got you where you wanted to go. My father admits he will never understand what he calls ‘dot-coms’.

Again, no idea where or what Anny and Kelly are up to but go check and maybe tell me.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Sandra Cox said...

I love colored painted furniture. Actually, I like white with pics painted on it, flowers, chickens, whatever.
Have you noticed when most people do something that they can't afford and will eventually come back to bite them, they usually say, 'but I deserve this. I've earned it'.
Most all of us do deserve that something special but that doesn't make it happen:)

Sandra Cox said...

Oops, if I'd put a comma between colored and painted it would make more sense. I'm having a lot of oops today. sigh.

barbara huffert said...

I agreed with most of my description too. Odd as I usually don't. I think these people may actually know us.

Schocking rhubarb sounds like an excellent color to me. Hm, I wonder if they have that shade here. I can think of several things I'd like better in dark pink.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. The poor me cry aggravates me, too. My daughter's ex-best friend's mother always cried that. She had the most money by far out of my daughter's friends' families. She'd cry poor meanwhile taking countless trips to Mexico, Disney World, several movies a week, eating out all the time... Then they sold their house for a mere $900,000. moved to Houston where they bought a house for under $400,000 and they stuck me with their cat. We were only supposed to watch Mocha for two or three weeks but that was almost 2 years ago and a few hundred $ in vet bills and food later. Oh yeah, I really believe she's sooooooooooo poor and we really need to pity her.

Anny Cook said...

Anny is packing so that she can go home! Met Morgan Hawke.Lovely womran.

Will leave first thing in the morning. Yay!

LynTaylor said...

Sounds like an awesome colour. I wish I could up and whack a bit of paint on the furniture. My husband has way too much of an opinion though and doesn't mind sharing it. LOL!