Saturday, 26 April 2008

Oh look! Bright, shiny things....

The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness – William Saroyan

You know when you have those days that your mind is so preoccupied with stuff you have to contemplate that any bright, shiny object can attract you within seconds and set you on another course? I had that today. Anything and everything had my attention wandering all over the place. These are most useless days to me as nothing meaningful or profound comes out of them and you waste time…but that’s life huh?

The new fridge came this morning just as the old one gave up the ghost after 19 years…nothing lasts forever does it? It was almost as if it knew it no longer was needed. They took it away to rest at the old fridges retirement home and replaced it with a shining new whipper snapper one. Did I want the cardboard box it came in they asked? Er, no. The delivery guys told me most people keep them. Really, why? It’s a tall box that is not even good for packing things in because you have to cut it down – unless of course maybe you wanted to ship a person in it then I could see the point of it for packing – though there’s not a lot of call for that of course. But by all means correct me if I’m wrong. The guys asked if they could have it – sure – knock yourselves out. What are you going to do with it? The reply - All sorts of stuff. Okay, well there it is, I don’t have ‘stuff’ I only have things so I can see how I would have no use for the box. Stuff needs tall, useless boxes.

The fridge beeps annoyingly by the way if you have had the door open too long. What’s that about? I am the mistress of my own destiny not a bloody fridge and beeping at me is not going to get me to shut the door any faster - I will when I’d ready and no large white thing is going to change my mind. I would have got married years ago if that was the case.

By the way I have only 121 fridge magnets…I was strong and threw 30 out…not sure I have enough now.

I wandered out to buy a birthday gift. I’m very good at buying gift vouchers. I believe people would rather the money to buy what they want and besides most people pretty much know what gifts cost so it’s not like they are going to get all offended knowing the price of a voucher – well, those I know aren’t but I know some realistic types. While out I was forced to buy saturated fat -aka chips – some days you just need extra saturated fat to appease the call of the wild hormones. Yes, my body is a temple – but this is the off season and there’s no tourists visiting.

‘Had a long chat with Ethel this arvo. Isn’t it great when you can talk to someone who knows you and you don’t have to explain yourself, they just understand exactly where you are coming from? May everyone be blessed with a friendship like that. We have decided that we must win the $40 million lotto on Tuesday night. While people like to quote you that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ – you know what? We want to make up our own minds on that. Okay?

I was repairing some boot heels today with this handy dandy repair kit I have for shoes. For a moment it occurred to me that I could just buy another pair and chuck those ones out instead of fixing the heels and getting glue everywhere - but that’s another story - and yet I remember a time when I would not have contemplated doing that as I had no money. You are often your past. I’m not a tightwad with money but you remember the years when you had no money, don't you? I do. I prefer not to go backwards.

A blog reader asked me what the chaos theory was as apparently I mention it a bit. Do I? Could be I like to live in chaos as I feel one with it. But, my chaos theory, is more about not worrying about doing everything the right way and just living, possibly in a half arsed manner, simply. The text book version of the chaos theory is –

In mathematics and physics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect). As a result of this sensitivity, which manifests itself as an exponential growth of perturbations in the initial conditions, the behavior of chaotic systems appears to be random

Well fuck hey? That’s pretty deep and meaningful. I particularly like this bit – ‘an exponential growth of perturbations.’ Yes, I always thought so. You have to watch the growth of perturbations. Sometimes they get so big you can’t fit them in the cupboard with your other exponential stuff and that’s really annoying. Maybe this is when you need a empty fridge box…

The chaos theory as per Amarinda Jones

- Due to lack of time, file everything in a haphazard manner, then run round madly swearing when you have to find a vital piece of paper you need to prove something. This burns up calories.
- I rarely have earrings that match – 2 pierced holes each ear – due to the fact that I dump all the earrings in together. If you wear mismatched ones then people will consider you unique and quirky as opposed to messy.
- No time to fold clean clothes after washing? Leave ‘em in the laundry basket because you’re probably going to wear them next week anyway. This means your life is less stressful as you don’t have to find time to fold things.
- May nothing ever be found when you want it to be. Challenge in life is good. Seek, swear, forehead slap, find,
- People who annoy you? Avoid them. Life is too short and you deserve better. Some people just steal your aura man.
- Bills – wait until you are in the mood to look at them. After work is always bad. Take them to work. Open them there and use your pissed-offed-ness to good effect.
- Worry? What’s the point? Whatever is going to happen will and all the worry in the world ain’t gonna’ change it. I think this is probably when Marie Antoinette suggested the French people eat cake. I think she wanted them to worry less and eating cake does that.

Anny, Kelly, Sandra and Barbara, are most likely doing something intensely exciting or not – I recommend go see or not…up to you – use your own chaos theory on that. Or wander over and check out teh wise words of newbie author Anika Hamilton. Read, enjoy, think, eat chips and stop chasing bright, shiny things as you get no work done.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


jackie said...

Oh , Amarinda, I have found a sister in life. Your "chaos theory" is what I called in my world, "an average day". Well with the exception of the whole worry thing, I worry that someone is going to come in to my world and totally mess up my "chaos"!

Anny Cook said...

Yep. I live the chaos theory. Don't worry about the missing magnets. I shall send you some new ones to hold up the fridge.

Those big boxes are excellent to store extra blankets in. Big puffy blankets or pillows... of course you have to have a place to keep the box.

My laundry stays in the basket. Been doing that for years. It's easy to find that way.

Phoenix said...

But is it still called chaos when total disorganization is your organizational style? Or am I exponentially blowing smoke up your arse?

Sandra Cox said...

I had no idea I subscribed to the Amarinda chaos theory but after reading it. It appears I do:)
As far as the refrig box...makes great club houses for little kids:) Oh yes and the cats like it to. You should probably have saved it for the possum:)

JacquƩline Roth said...

Children love refrigerator boxes. I also think some love them because they are the epitome of the "I could do ___ with that," syndrome. This is a common argument when my chaos threatens to overwhelm and I have to put it to rights. I hate to throw anything away because I can see a world of possiblitites with that old shirt or that old box of mismatched buttons.

Caffey said...

Hi Amarinda! I found my way here and come to a great post! First the pics you found are just so perfect! Reminds me of my mom's magazines that I found in the attic and she would tell me about the times when things were really this cheap!

As for that box, you must not have a cat? We have two (I could never live with just one, I need to have two around me) and my husband recently got a big box from something and all I could do is roll my eyes because I watched him put the box down, sit in a chair, and watch the cats! The big cat could go in it and claim it as her territory. So then the box gets cut up and all when he gets tired of walking into it, LOL.

I so love my magnets! I have from authors of book covers and my 21 year old rolls her eyes and I tell her to go look at her own bare refrigerator. Its been chaos here all this week while she can't find her wallet saying that 'we must of picked it up and put it somewhere. Where? (We can't keep track of her things too). So she's been moody about this and I'm sure it will show up when she really goes to search for it.

Molly Daniels said...

I was going to say either give the box to Mervina or send it my kids love boxes!

Unknown said...

Two weeks ago was the first time I took my shoes to the repair shop instead of just chucking them and buying new. Of course, I usually never pay the exorbitant amount for most shoes that I paid for that pair.