Monday, 21 April 2008

Monday - done and dusted

A moment to vent…

I do not personally care whether you smoke or not – that’s your choice but for god sake don’t throw your cigarette butts on the ground because you are too pig ignorant and lazy to clean up after yourself. It’s quite disgusting. It’s like a smoker that throws a cigarette butt out of a window during fire season and starts a massive bushfire. Pull your head in and think of others. Yeah it’s your habit and good luck to you – but I don’t want any part of your rubbish. Okay vent over…


In Oz we have just had what they called a 20-20 summit. What was that? Well a bunch of
pollies, famous people (Cate and Hugh – my next door neighbour), some of the intelligencia and some community leaders got together to talk about the future and what needed to be done to keep Australia the fantastic country it is now and in the future. As expected, it was a media shoot and a talking head fest. I would like to believe something more than becoming a republic (long overdue) comes out of it. But, the sceptic that I am thinks not. I always wonder at the amount of money we throw into something like this summit. Couldn’t that have been better served going to health, education, transport etc? I think we all talk too much and act too little. Yes, ideas are good but how often to they get put into practice?

Do not…

….shake the vending machine when it refuses to drop the Mars bar. I rarely go to the vending machine but I gave in to the call of chocolate today and went to the machine. Money in and Mars bar got stuck - suspended by a corner of the wrapper. Don’t you hate that? You’re not supposed to shake the machine. The sign says so. Stuff that – I want the chocolate or my money back. I not only shook it I kicked it hard several times. I was advised by a good rule abiding person ‘you’re not supposed to do that.' Please I’m a woman who wants chocolate and I have steel caps on…are you feeling lucky punk? Anyway I got the chocolate. Ha! Thwart me? I think not. I must admit I rarely follow signs that say do not do this or that and yes, I often pay the consequences but what the hell…live with abandon.

Wet fish….

…I shook someone’s hand today and it was like shaking a limp, wet fish. Instantly I looked into this man’s eyes and knew he was weak as water. Yes, a big judgement call on a simple touch but don’t you just know when you get a wishy washy handshake that the person is the same? It’s like when someone won’t look you in their eyes when they speak to you. I always look people in the eyes all the time when I speak to them and apparently it can freak people out – but hey, I have to have a hobby. So, what is it about someone you feel or sense that makes you know instantly they are weak?


…I am chatting online at the moment with my ex-work colleague Sara from Taipei. We both left the company around the same time and we are both better off for it. She is filling me on the gossip. Why are we interested if we no longer work there? Well, it could be we want to see the company fail and that traitorous balless wonders that work there kicked out on the street to look for other jobs. It was one of those companies where if you did not have a penis you were not taken seriously. Now all those penises are in jeopardy and I have to say I like it. Nothing like a bit of vengeance to soothe one.

Okay…on request…

I got an email from a reader who said she visited my website and wanted an excerpt from Unbreakable – due out 30th May – on the blog…by all means.

The blurb

India Blake is forty-three years old and in lust with her lecturer. She is well aware of the age difference between them. But a woman can look, wonder and dream.

Age is not an issue for Dash Lombard. He has had his eye on India since she joined his class. He knows the sexy red head isn’t the slightest bit interested in learning. But he has a thing or two he plans to teach her outside of the classroom.

The excerpt…

Of course the obvious plan to thwart Dash was to attend the midnight to dawn session at the local cinema. Only the desperate and the pathetic hung out watching films at that time of night. And she fit into both of those categories. Besides, it was peaceful with just the scattered handful of patrons around her.
“He gets the girl in the end you know,” Dash whispered in her ear as he came up in the row of seats behind her.
India’s popcorn flew up in the air as she jerked up in surprise.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Even if there was not enough light to see him clearly India would recognized Dash Lombard if she was blind folded and had her ears stuffed with cotton wool. She brushed the popcorn from her lap and looked at him. She had gone to the late night session of the movies to avoid him. Yet here he was, in her face. He was the reason she had bought the extra large, extra butter popcorn and giant caramel milkshake. He was the reason she was not at home watching her fat intake. Actually, when you looked at it like that, everything was his fault.
“You can’t hide from what you feel for me, India.” Dash picked a piece of popcorn from her hair.
“I’m not hiding I was very interested in this movie.”
“Oh yeah? What’s it called?” Dash grinned knowingly at her.
“Um…” What was it called? And how could she concentrate with his breath warm on her neck, knowing how his breath also felt on other parts of her body? She gulped loud enough for them both to hear.
India looked down at the movie ticket stub on the seat beside her. “It’s called,” she squinted to read the title in the dim light. Togetherness on the Railway Platform.
What the? She had bought a ticket for that? At the time of purchase, her main aim had been to avoid Dash, so choosing a movie wisely had not been foremost in her mind. “Oh crap it has subtitles,” India muttered to herself. She had been watching this for the last ten minutes without realizing it. She hated subtitled movies as she needed her glasses to read them properly.
“It certainly sounds riveting, darlin’,” Dash jumped nimbly over the seat to sit beside her.
“It is.”
“Pretty desperate move, India, to hang out with the lonely and displaced.” Dash eyed the scattered patrons was significantly.
“I’m not desperate,” India hissed at him in annoyance. She hated it when people could read her so easily.
“Shush.” The peeved voice of an audience member cut through the quiet.
“Oh you shush,” she snapped back at someone who had every right to be pissed off with her for making noise. But it was easier to be mad at them than confront her fears with Dash.

and lots of interesting stuff happens at the movies…maybe they eat more popcorn…maybe other things.

Anny and Kelly are back and reminiscing about RT – go reminisce with them.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

According to MacGyver if it's an old vending machine you can pour saltwater into the coin slot and it'll spit candy at you. Now it never specifies how to tell if it's old enough for this to work because apparently lots of people did this after seeing it on TV so the vending machine people came up with a gizmo to stop it working.

Sandra Cox said...

Damn vending machines.
Wow you found a pg excerpt:)
Hate limp handshakes.

Molly Daniels said...

1) Yay! Another vending machine kicker! I kicked one so hard one time I got 2 candy bars. Oh happy day...

2) I'm a firm believer that a handshake is a true test of character. I like a strong one!

3) Great excerpt!

4) Saltwater= candy, hun? Even if the machine only holds chips? Cool...I'll have to try this! Ummm...since there's no ocean, if I make my own will it still work???

Anny Cook said...

Ooooh, another sexy story. Except we have to wait until May? Why? Why? I would like some Dash now!

Cathy M said...

You always make me laugh, thank you for that, and the excerpt was a hoot, I so can't wait to read more about Dash.

Unknown said...

I sooooooo agree about those nasty cigarette butts. I could go on a rant, too, about those things. Although individually, the smokers at work are nice people, I dislike how they throw their butts all over. At least they used to before management REALLY cracked down. I don't understand how they couldn't see how ugly they were without having threats of being fired make them behave.