Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A whole lot of nothing....

I am exhausted. I was up all night writing lines on a blackboard with chalk –

People are not that - but who

I will not split infinitives

I wrote them over and over. What? I have been doing edits. Yes, I have driven my editor to drink and chocolate over them, once more. In my defence, I would again like to point out that it’s all Captain James T Kirk's, from Star Trek, fault. I loved the original series when I was a kid. I grew up on “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” So it’s his fault that I split infinitives. The who/that thing is my own and I will get it tattooed on my forehead to remind me. Once again – apologies to my editor…I hope you dry out soon. Writers may write the words but Editors make them legible….then the cover artists give us a hot cover and the publisher does the rest and we just sit and try and look like we know what we’re doing…it’s all smoke and mirrors being a writer.

I sent an email at work today – a work one about work stuff. This is unusual for me as I tend to use work email for personal stuff. But there is it – proof I do work at work when I have to. Anyway I wrote the line “please see ass attached.” Email back was “what ass and where?” Now I am blaming this on the fact that I have to write in American spelling for my books. Okay, it’s a crap excuse but there it is. I emailed the recipient back and said ‘unable to provide ass at this time.” She emailed back and asked for a raincheck and I agreed.

Also at work...I have been in chuck out mode. I am extremely ruthless when to comes to culling stuff that does not belong to me. I also believe paper records that are 10 years old and have stuff all to do with anything must go. I am like the Terminator at the moment. Ethel is similar but she throws anything and everything out because she does not like to file. Any office she works in will not have files when she works there. Why? She shreds them. Why? She does not want to break her nails – I kid you not. She is also very good at looking vague when someone asks her where the files are…'what files?’

It was freezing in Brizzie this morning. Okay, maybe not freezing cold as you would know it but bloody cold and we all whined about it. We are very lucky. Our sub-tropical climate is exceptionally good and remains pretty fine all year round. But every time winter approaches and it gets the slightest bit nippy – we whine and put on 5 layers of clothes. It’s not like we’re not aware that it’s autumn – it’s more that we refuse to believe it. Brisbane is in the Sunshine state – in Queensland. We banana benders expect sun and sun means warmth.

Speaking of luck - I am incredibly lucky. I had my ultra sound thingy today and the lumps were just cysts. Whew. I must say though that I have never had so many people wanting to look at my breasts – and not for reasons of passion. One of the doctors said in an annoyed tone, “Hmm, you have a large amount of breast tissue.” He looked quite cross about it. I said something along the lines of “terribly sorry and how inconvenient for you.” Another said, in a vague tone – while I was topless - ‘And what do we have here?’ I burst out laughing. What do you think these are mate? And if you have to ask you ain’t touching me. Anyway, I am okay – but many are not and we need to remember that. Once more – I urge anyone who has not had a mammogram and is putting it off to go and do it. It could save your life. On the way out I donated money to the Cancer fund. I just want to believe that even a small amount may help someone somewhere. My mother died of cancer. I want to believe we will cure it one day. Think about donating to a cause you believe in – even a small amount helps. There but for the grace of fate go I…

I have made a list for when I go grocery shopping next. This is big for me. I never write a list as I choose to believe I have this fabulous ability to remember what I have run out of at home. I don’t. I usually end up buying stuff I already have – like last week – and I’ll eat the same thing – tuna - over and over again to use it up. This is okay with me as I live alone and can do what I like. I expect if I was living with someone they would be a tad pissed at tuna every night. But then again, I would have them trained to accept my way or else. I am a simple creature. My word is law at Chez Amarinda…I am a bit of over tuna though.

Well, that’s it – nothing happening of any note in my life but I have managed to waffle on about the amazingness of nothingess once more. Check out the blogs to the left. There are many talented people with stuff to say – like Anny and Kelly.

A quick peak at what I was editing last night – Penned Again…coming soon from Ellora’s Cave…adult excerpt
It was such a long time since Arlo Ripley had felt the closeness of another’s skin again hers. She curled against the warm, male body and gave herself up to the dream she was having. Her hand touched the hard, hair roughened chest and luxuriant heat radiated through her arm and down her body. It was heaven to touch him once more. She had missed him so much. Him? Penn? Her eyes snapped open in shock.
“You!” Arlo jerked her hand away as she looked at the naked man in her bed. There was just enough light to see the deep green eyes of Pendleton Ripley. He had not changed one whit. Same dark, wavy hair, kissable mouth and a body to collapse against in need and hunger. And he was naked. Whoa! Too many memories there. She rolled away as fast and as far away as she could.
“Hi honey, I’m home,” Penn murmured as he reached out and pulled his wife back against him.
“Holy fucking hell, what are you doing here?” Arlo struggled to break free from his hold. To do that, she had to touch him and he felt so good to her Penn-starved senses. Six months without touching him had been torture.
“I came to see you.”
“Oh piss off.” She slapped his chest in derision.
Remember you hate him and he is a lying swine. Okay I can do this.
Penn’s finger gently traced the curve of her lips.
“I missed you, my beloved.”
Oh crap. Penn was using “beloved” in that deep, husky voice he knew turned her on. Arlo closed her legs together tightly. He is back for a reason and that reason may not suit you. Be strong and don’t get sucked in again.
Arlo Ripley had endured six of the most horrible months of her life. It was like she was on a continual mood swing and it was all because of her husband—the demon. I married a demon. It still seemed bizarre to her. It was more like something out of a 1950s schlock black and white movie. But it had happened and it still irritated her no end that Penn had not told her the truth. Honesty was as important as love to Arlo. That he did not tell her everything smacked at her self-esteem. During their separation she had railed against him, the unfairness of it all and wondered if love was really worth the hassle. Sure, she was lonely without Penn but at least she knew where she stood.
“What do you want?” Though his cock pressing against her thigh was a very good indication of where his mind was at. It was so long since she’d had sex. The feel of that life force pushing against her made her remember the last, delicious time she had touched and tasted him. She still remembered the feeling of her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she came. Then Penn had gone and broken her heart. Bastard. Well not again.
“I’m naked, you’re naked—what do you think I want?” Penn smiled at her knowingly.
I think I really need you now and I hate myself for being so weak.
“I think you’ve run out of clean clothes and want me to do your washing.” Arlo always slept naked. She liked the sensual feel of the fine cotton sheets on her skin. However at that moment she wished she had on a granny nightdress as her bare skin so close to his was like holding a lit match to paper. Penn could make her hot with just one look and he looked mighty good to her famished senses. She ran her eyes over the length of his lean, strong body, stopping at the black, elaborate phoenix tattoo on his lower stomach. It had always turned her on. Her mouth watered. He still had the ability to take her breath away.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

So thrilled to hear it was just cysts! Yes, my appointment making is on schedule...three weeks and I'll call.

Shh, you're not supposed to admit that we're the smoke and mirrors. I do agree, we need everyone who touches our work after us but we're brilliant first. And don't tatoo your forehead, you'll never see it there. Do the hacks of your hands instead.

Sandra Cox said...

YAY! What a relief! I didn't realize about your mom. My husband's mom also died of cancer.
Excellent excerpt!!!

Anny Cook said...

Love that excerpt... especially the line about laundry!

So glad everything is all right. My mammo is also scheduled!

And you have to share the who/that!

Phoenix said...

Ass attached. LOL.

I didn't know about the cysts AJ. I suspect you blogged on it while I was yelling over lack of internet access at RT. I'm so sorry I didn't comment as it must have been stressful for you. And I am very please for you that they are cysts only. I'd send you a virtual hug, but you might vitually slap me. Glad it's going your way though.

Stay warm in your oh so frigid climes.

Unknown said...

So I accidentally hit the print button on my browser while reading your blog today. 26 pages later the final page printed this:


I thought that was appropriate.

Cheers on the relieving news.

Dakota Rebel

Mona Risk said...

I'm glad your cysts are just cysts, AJ. I go twice a year for mammo and ultrasound. My mother had two cancers one in the breast and one in the mouth ten years ago. She's fine now, but I'm the one who had to be careful. Isn't it ironical?

Love the humor in your excerpt. BTW there weren't too many that. LOL

Molly Daniels said...

Let's hear it for benign cysts:)

I also loved the 'ass attached':)

Yeah...skipped my mammo last year and my dr yelled at me. I really need to make that appointment...