Monday, 7 April 2008

Pukeable Monday

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and realize its frigging Monday morning? Where the hell did the weekend go? I’m not a perky person at the best of times but Monday morning makes we want to puke. Why? Because I know there is another week trapped at work. And no, don’t give me that talk about ‘finding a job you love’ – it’s never going to happen. It’s crap. I believe I am at job 29 or 30 now and I reckon I have enough experience at different jobs to know that happiness is not for me when it comes to work. So you do what you have to do to get by don’t you.

So I asked authors Anny Cook and Kelly Kirch to come up with a blog challenge but they are too nice and sweet to get really mean and give me a hard challenge. How do I know these people again? These are the challenges they came up with…excuse me while I yawn…
- The history of rubber duckies and all its evolutions.
- history of sex in the romance novel... and should it still be called a romance if it has sex or should they ALL be called erotic.
- Five exciting things about Fort Wayne, Indiana

Yes, I do consider these women friends but they have no killer instinct. How disappointing. Rubber duckies? My opinion? They are rubber and yellow and they evolved in a yellow rubber duck factory. Next - sex in a romance novel…evolves in the writers mind and it can be both romantic and erotic and last time I checked sex was erotic…has it changed? It’s been a while. Fort Wayne…okay did you know that Fort Wayne and Amarinda are linked by 4 degrees of separation? No? How? Well…

1. The character of Frank Burns from Mash came from Fort Wayne
2. Mash was set in Korea
3. My father was in Korea with the Australian Army on peacekeeping
So Frank, Korea, my father and then me. And yes Fort Wayne tourism - I would love to see your city – bung me an invite and I’m there. See Kelly, it’s extra exciting just because of the link with me.

So, despite the fact I gave the Oh Get A Grip people a bloody good challenge, I have to give myself my own week long challenge – I’m calling it pissing me off by the alphabet…

Aardvark – no, I can’t say these creatures piss me off as they’re aren’t many of them running around oz…scrap this one

Anaesthetic – annoys me as I cannot say words with ‘th’ in them properly without great thought before hand – so this has instant piss off value

Ants – in particular green ants who sink their fangs into you and refuse to let go…little bastards

Apostrophes – forgetting to put the little buggers in a sentence

Audits – I never do anything right and I cut corners so audits are a pain as I have to think up extra special lies to cover my arse.

Baggy pants – the ones young blokes wear that are falling down and showing their undies – pull ‘em up - I don’t want to see ‘em.

Banks – that close at 4:30pm when working people are finishing or not finished work

Birthday snipers – people who go and do ‘surprise’ things on your birthday when you just want a quiet day. No, age is not at issue. It’s the falderal that only the birthday sniper enjoys.

Bongo drums – don’t play them around me as they annoy the crap out of me. I truly believe it requires only minimal natural rhythm to play any sort of drums and give people bongo drums and they are truly annoying. They go all Caribbean.

Cats – who scratch up my garden and kill the local wild life

Chauvinism – some men still don’t get that the world no longer revolves around them do they?

Ciao – pretentious people who say Ciao when they’re clearly not Italian and they are just doing it for effect. Stop it.

Clowns – evil little, smiling faced bastards who I know have an agenda

D, E and F tomorrow unless Anny and Kelly can come up with something worth being challenged over.

I ate a bag of chips for dinner…cripes it is Monday after all and it seemed wrong to cook. Besides I ate nothing else all day – bad Amarinda – so I figure the chip eating will even out somewhere…ah! Who am I kidding? They’re going straight to my thighs.

Marlow’s Curse Review….

I really enjoy good vampire stories, especially when they don’t follow a typical story line. Marlow’s Curse is a good story and defiantly has some unique aspects I’ve not seen in other vampire tales. Sybylla’s character is strong, intelligent, caring, and she will do anything to protect the man she loves including sending him away. The relationship between Sybylla and Marlow is sensual and sizzling when they are together and cold and clinical when they are apart. It is fun to watch them spar with each other. It was also fun to see Temperance and Asher again in this story, helping their friends. It would be great if there is another sequel with more of these interesting characters and their unusual lifestyles! If you are looking for a very sensual, yet unusual vampire tale, you will like this series.

Remember to check out the good girls - Anny and Kelly - to see what is happening in their sunshiny worlds.

Never forgotten…RIP
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Phoenix said...

No, you've failed. I can see I my faith in your ability was misplaced. You have no idea how difficult it is to find five things to do in Ft.Wayne which have nothing to do with Johnny Appleseed or summer festivals. That was the full challenge. I knew you couldn't hack it.

Poor whiney woman who tried to put it back on me and Anny when really you weren't up to the task. Too bad. Oh, wait, is this pissing you off. I'm so scared.

Mona Risk said...

When I was a stay-home mom with a couple of very active children, I couldn't wait for the end of the weekend and blessed Monday to arrive. It was on Monday morning that I savored a well deserved steaming cup of coffee after seeing the kids safely in the school bus and the DH gone to work.

Anny Cook said...

Monday... well, writing begins which is good. House hunk goes back to work which is good. Peace and quiet in the house which is good. Nope. Monday is good.

I'm with you on the baggy pants issue. Makes me want to yank them down to their ankles so they fall over.

Also go with you on the birthday snipers. It's embarrassing when bunch of people get together to sing at you in a restaurant. Ick.

Molly Daniels said...

For 9 months in 2007, Mondays were wonderful. The past 4 months, they are my errand/pay bills day. And yes, since the toddler started school, Mondays are heaven after a non-writing weekend!

BTW, I got 'inspired' after doing some research after your email. Watch for updates:)

JacquƩline Roth said...

In Amarinda's defense, we are talking about Indiana here. Now cross that state line to Illinois and you'll find lots to write about. *sticks tongue out at Kelly*

Don't feel bad about the chips. I actually did the same thing yesterday. They were all I ate but I finished off the bag of barbeque flavored kettle fried chips.

Sandra Cox said...

I'm in agreement on the Monday thing but I take exception to cats being on the list.

barbara huffert said...

Sorry, maybe it's the cough medicine making me fuzzy but I can't imagine a situation when someone would randomly just happen to play bongos at you.