Sunday, 22 February 2009

A bit from day 2 and what should be day 3….

The following happened yesterday arvo….

- book signing – scary, scary stuff…I needed 17 glasses of wine and considered taking up smoking after it…may consider counselling….

- Left convention – and walked by pudgy thighs off – if only - around Melbourne.

Today….last day of convention…

- saw three fire trucks out the front of the hotel as I ate breakky (breakfast) they came loaded with many yummy looking fireman – forgot bacon and eggs for 10 mins as I pressed my nose up against the glass and looked on in appreciation of the male form.

- Watched one woman scoff almost the entire buffet – yes, it is all you can eat but a human body must get to the point of exploding after 27 plates of food…and she was skinny…bitch.

- plan to go walkabout this morning – heading for Chinatown and the Greek precinct then will head to the convention around 10ish – correct – I am not a dedicated convention goer. Organized events naturally want me to rebel.

- Will attend the panel about e-books – I have discovered more Aussies than I thought know about them

- Apres this - plan to go to Melbourne Jail to check out the history. Followed by more wandering Melbourne streets playing tourist

Important note –

Today is the national day of mourning for all those that lost their lives in the Victorian bush fires. No words can express my deepest sorrow at the devastating loss. It’s wrong and unfair and life stinks sometimes.

That’s it…

….the convention has been an excellent receipt collecting mission. I plan to hand it all in the the Australian Tax office and go – "ha! Tax me will you? I think not."

Have a grouse – since I’m in Melbourne - day

Best wishes