Monday, 9 February 2009


The death toll from Victoria's bushfires could top 200 as authorities sift through the piles of ash that were once entire communities.

Horrific fire storms in the state of Victoria, Australia, have killed at least 130 people. Small towns like Kinglake and Marysville have been wiped off the map. We see the victims stumbling around on television in a state of shock. They have lost loved ones and their homes and if you feel nothing after watching and listening to them, then you are made of stone. It’s just horrifying and all Australians are reeling. This could happen so easily to any one of us. It’s a wake up call on a massive loud speaker. Cherish what you have for it may not be there tomorrow.

All fire-devastated areas will be treated as crime scenes to determine if arson was involved, Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon said.

An emotional Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said deliberately lit fires amounted to "mass murder".

"What do you say about anyone like that? There are no words to describe it other than mass murder.

"This is of a level of horror that few of us anticipated."

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