Wednesday, 25 February 2009


While Generation X is portrayed as confident, cashed-up and sexy in television shows like Cashmere Mafia and Desperate Housewives, in reality they are buckling under the pressure of meeting career goals while juggling demanding children and baby-boomer parents who refuse to slow down.,23599,23607445-421,00.html

I was listening to something on the radio this morning about generation Y and how they defined themselves differently to generation X. Hmmm, I have always thought this whole need to label yourself as a number or letter a load of crap. What’s it all about and why the need to be pegged as something to explain who you are? Can’t you just be you? Is there a problem with that?

It often amuses me when people ten or 20 years younger than me say - “well, I’m not of your generation.” Now, depending on who you speak to or which page of the internet you look at, a generation is measured in anywhere between 25 to 32 years. Okay, so let’s settle on somewhere in between – say 28 years. “Honey, sorry to upset you, but you are my crotchety ‘generation.’ Need a tissue to deal with the realization? Maybe have another soy-latte-no foam-decaf ?

I don’t believe in generation gaps. I believe there are people who are scared to grow up and others who are scared of aging. It’s just about numbers and how much they frighten you. The less frightened then the less need to tag yourself into a certain tribe. Or is that just me that thinks that way?

THEY'RE hip, smart-talking, brash and sometimes seem to suffer from an overdose of self esteem. And if there's a generalisation to be made about young Generation Y people, it's that they don't like waiting.,21985,22034750-5006016,00.html

This then reminded me of the panel I went to at the convention that was discussing e-books. The issue of e-book piracy reared its ugly, dumb arsed head. Anyway one lady concluded that it was her generation – generation Y – that did it because they believed it was okay and they were so used to ‘taking’ things and that it was not something they stopped to think about. Hmmm, I sat behind her and thought – what the? There were a lot of eye rolls around the room as she indicated her ‘generation’ was non-caring of other people and that was okay to her. No, it’s fucking not okay and to even identify yourself with selfish people who do not care is not saying a lot for you as a person.

So are you a person – unique, individual and able to stand alone when it counts or do you fall back to your “tribe” and blame them for all the mistakes you make? Are you an individual or a puppet defined by a ‘hip’ term? Do you want to be yourself or be one of the masses?
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