Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Been at….

…the hairdresser getting the two tone grey and brown effect washed out and my usual intense red foils done so my editor will recognize me at the Australian Romance Readers Convention when we meet…or maybe she will do a runner when she sees me or anyone with reddish hair…you can run but you can’t hide….

That’s it other than the TV guy came today. My television, which I rarely ever watch bar for news and Jack on 24, is working but it’s not. The switch at the side is buggered – that’s probably not the technical term. I could turn it on but not off unless I use tweezers to pull the button out in order to turn it off – I’m very mechanical – not. Yes, I did have vague visions of being electrocuted. How did she die? Death by tweezers. The idiot box is under warranty still so out he came to fix it.

- Why don’t you turn it on at the remote like everyone else does?
- Well I’m not like everyone else.

Enough said…

Ménage romance Playing For Real by Madison Blake is out now at Ellora’s Cave…check it out – warning – the excerpt below is adult rated - and yes it's another click on the cover and buy moment.

Remembering the discussion he wanted to have with Ethan, Adrian moved down his lover’s body and gave his cock one regretful lick before sliding up to settle beside him. “You were in a hurry tonight.” He referred to their wild coupling.

Ethan raised his head and supported it on an upraised palm. They stared at each other intently before he answered wryly, “So were you.”

Though he had always been able to speak with reasonable frankness with Ethan, his usual embarrassment with Shelli overcame him just then. His gaze slid away. “I, uh, there’s something I have to tell you. I don’t know how you’d feel about it but I’d appreciate if you could, uh, that is, keep an open mind—”

“Is it Shelli?” Ethan interrupted.

Adrian’s gaze flew back to him in a hurry.

“Have you suddenly realized what a desirable woman she is, how frustrated she made you feel tonight and you want to fuck her but you’re afraid she doesn’t like you in that way?”

With each phrase, Adrian nodded, though he was bewildered as to how Ethan could know what he was feeling. They were close and could almost read each other’s minds but this—

“Good,” Ethan said with a savage light in his eyes. “Because I feel the same way.”

Incredible joy ricocheted through him. “You do?”

“Yes. So now we go about seducing the lovely Shelli Madison.”

Now that he knew Ethan shared his goal, Adrian was able to voice out his doubts. “But tonight, it didn’t seem like she wanted to fuck us. For one thing, she flirted with all her colleagues when she wouldn’t even give us the time of day, though we were supposed to be her dates.” He sent Ethan a sardonic smile. “For another, she went off with that guy and let him have his way with her.” He looked curiously at his lover. “What did you do to him anyway?”

Ethan cracked the knuckles of one hand and sent him a very satisfied smile. “Let’s just say he won’t be bothering Shelli anymore.”

A sudden thought struck him. “You didn’t beat him, did you?”

“No,” Ethan said, annoyed. “I don’t want to get Shelli into trouble. I just warned him very succinctly and fiercely what would happen to his crown jewels should he go near Shelli again.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have. What if she fancied him?” Adrian sighed and shook his head. “Because it sure looks like she’s very satisfied being just friends with us.”

“We’ll just have to change her mind.”

Which was just what he was thinking earlier on. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship for the sake of a fuck, Ethan..”

“We won’t,” Ethan said impatiently. “Look, I was there at the party too and I saw what you saw and I agree, your interpretation of things could be right. But what if—for the sake of argument—what if she’s hot for us the way we’re hot for her? She could be confused and bewildered at her new feelings and so, she hid behind safe and known actions. Until I get a definite ‘no’ from her, I’m not giving up.”

With each word that Ethan uttered, Adrian felt hope springing from within him. “What’s the plan?” Adrian had a good brain and if applied diligently, he could have come up with something. But Ethan’s was more cunning and he always had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

That was why he knew better than to interrupt when Ethan’s eyes lost their focus the way they always did whenever he was thinking. But when he laughed some time later, Adrian knew his lover had hit onto something.
“I’ll tell you about it later,” Ethan promised as he lay back on the bed. “But now, shouldn’t you continue what you were doing with my cock?”
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