Thursday, 12 February 2009


I’ve had my steel caps on for the last couple of days. Lordy they’re comfortable boots – you can also kick in a door with them – I’m yet to try that but I am ready to. Actually I want to try it. I just have to come up with a reasonable excuse to do so.

Anyway, for the last couple of days I have spent the morning upstairs in the office and the arvo downstairs in the factory doing stuff. Alas, no one handed me a power tool but I did get to bash stuff with a mallet and punch holes in things with a nifty machine – you’ve got to be happy with that. It’s a different world down there and it’s hard to believe we’re the same company. How so? It’s about perceptions. The office staff are viewed as doing clean, paper shuffling jobs in the air con – we do - and the factory does hard yakka (work) – and they do - under the power of large industrial fans that can blow your socks off. We both work but in different ways for the same company and that colours our view of the other and I believe we would be na├»ve to think that doesn’t happen. I always think it’s good to experience what others do. I agree with the factory workers. The office staff does need to come down on the factory floor more – and I countered back the factory workers need to come upstairs and see what we do. How can you understand either workplace without working in them?

That’s it – I’m knackered. I’m a wuss. Back to normal work tomorrow and maybe back down to the factory next week…depends how much work I have stuffed up. They were way too polite to tell me.

People who should leave the planet immediately –

A Brisbane man has been charged with fraud after he allegedly posed as a charity worker collecting money for the victims of Victoria’s bushfires.

Leave now.

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Amy awoke on her hands and knees. She was not in her bedroom where she’d gone to bed. Was it hours ago? She was outside in the desert and had no idea how she’d gotten there.

Dreaming? Yes, dreaming by the way the scenery continued to shift in colors. And the cactus and bushes were moving as if she had spun around in circles and then stopped.
A cool breeze teased her bare skin, sending chills up her arms and legs, along her back, drawing her nipples in to taut points. She was completely naked. Blinking several times, she tried to clear her head and vision. Drained and weak, she doubted her legs would support her if she tried to stand.

The ground swayed and the ten-foot-tall saguaro cactus in front of her blurred, sharpened into view, then blurred again. The woven material beneath her came into focus. It was the Indian blanket Dante had given her. Searching her memory, she couldn’t remember when the dream began. Was this a dream? Did Dante summon her? Did he hypnotize her? Or was it something more ominous?

Trying to move was like swimming in molasses. What did Truly put in those margaritas? She forced her muscles to respond so she could get up but her wrists and ankles were staked to the ground with ropes.

A hand pressed on her back. “Don’t move,” Dante’s husky voice said. “This is a new game.”
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