Friday, 13 February 2009

What a week…

Sam the Koala update - she and new love Bob are doing well…click here

Yes, Mr Black, I like koalas as you like puppies.

Someone said to me today… “I am so sick of hearing about the bushfires and I wish they would take it off the television news and current affairs shows.” I responded – “You’re a bloody wanker.” Yes, I have always been shy and retiring.

But, despite this drongo, I have to tell you that Australians are the best bloody people on the planet as they have come together to donate millions upon millions of dollars to help the victims of the bush fires. We are a big country with a small population – approximately 21.5 million people depending on who you talk to on what day but we have quadrupled that in donations – and I’ll only talking about us ordinary, everyday folk. That does not include businesses who have given generously. Mateship is everything in Australia.

However we have our Scum of the Earth…

The 39-year-old man was charged with three counts in Morwell Magistrates Court in Gippsland on Friday - one of arson causing death, one of intentionally or recklessly causing a bushfire, and one of possessing child pornography.

Disgusting, despicable toe rag who must die. All agreed?

That’s it for me today….I won 2nd prize in employee of the month contest - yes, I can bluff with the best of them…now I can slack off for another six months and rest on my laurels…

Nancy’s Sweet Spelling Bee by Elaine Lowe is out now at Ellora’s Cave. Yes – click on the cover to buy then relax on the sofa and forget about the laundry, cleaning, the kids dinner…about time they learned out to make toast anyway…

The excerpt….

It was that same damn dream again. The one that he’d had since he was fourteen. With minor changes of course, as Nancy had gotten older and even more beautiful. Once he’d actually gotten to kiss her and then seen and felt the glory of her breasts, it had only gotten more intense. The first time that they had made love had chased the dream away for months, because the reality of sex with Nancy was so much better than any fantasy. But now they been happily fucking for years but she had to go and wear that dress.
It had been velvet…black velvet. She’d worn it to the Library Ball at New Year’s and it had been incredibly soft and…furry. He was amazed he’d even let her out of the house, or that they’d stayed at the goddamn shindig for a whole hour before he practically ravished her in a hallway and she’d dragged him to her tiny office where they’d finished against the door. As usual, Nancy whimpered and moaned in a feline manner and she left a bite mark on his shoulder than he still could feel even a month later. He’d run his hand over it at work and smiled a loony smile that made his assistant Patty’s eyebrows waggle at him with prurient interest.
They were both weres. But he was a wolf. He wasn’t supposed to be so damn turned on by Nancy’s jaguar form. But he couldn’t help it. That dress has been like the texture of her fur whenever she let him stroke her. The flash of her eyes when they went golden, the way her nose twitched when she was angry and raring for a fight, all of it was who Nancy was and he loved all of her.
His dreams were full of Nancy. Always a bit of the same, Nancy visiting him in the nurse’s office after he’d broken his arm playing football. It was a full moon and prim and proper Nancy had been having a very difficult time controlling her transformations and her libido. She’d woken him up after sneaking into the room and she looked wild and luscious. She had pointed black ears and the long sinuous tail that curled high in the air behind her. But in his dreams, she wasn’t the eighteen-year-old girl who’d tried to seduce him. She was the full, voluptuous, sexy-as-hell twenty-five-year-old Nancy.
This time, his dream wasn’t interrupted by the nurse, or dreams of the captain of the football team, Rodney Michaels the bull were, coming in and carrying her off for his own enjoyment. No, this time it had cut straight to the good part, where she had stripped off the thin nightgown she’d been wearing and was slowly approaching him on all fours, her eyes alien and golden with slit pupils and yet they still held the vast intelligence and challenge that was uniquely his girl. Her altered tongue flickered out to moisten her lips and he could feel his cock pulse with blood at the sight. Her beautiful breasts swaying, as she stalked him, her tail slowly mesmerizing him into utter and complete submission.
She bent her head, the long curls tumbling forward revealing twitching cat ears. He felt her raspy tongue stroke the skin of his calf and he almost fell off the tiny infirmary bed at the sensation. His skin was tingling with anticipation. She purred in amusement. Her fingernails were longer, sharper, as she stroked his skin, teasing his supine body as her tongue worked its way over his knee, his inner thigh.
“Wanna play?” she purred at him and he almost growled in response, wanting with every fiber of his being to pounce on her and engage in a wrestling match for domination that would end in screaming, throbbing, spurting satisfaction for them both.
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