Saturday, 21 February 2009

Day 2…

The following happened between 6am and 2:pm….

- had a fantastic breakfast with 4 cups of coffee

- got to convention hotel – bought books – chatted and drank more coffee

- saw my books on sale – took mental imagine of amount hoping to see stack decreasing when I wandered back next

- met up with my editor again – we were both dressed in either Cerridwen Press or Ellora’s Cave finery so not hard to spot either of us.

- went to the panel erotic discussion. It went well – I managed to say ‘cock’, ‘fuck’ and ‘penis’ so my work was done.

- had lunch

- decided as no need to be at convention til 3pm I would go in search of Doc Marten boots – none I like – bugger

General convention stuff – listened to a talk by Mary Janice Davidson – very down to earth woman. Not at all caught up in being famous – unlike some. You know, the convention is interesting in that I always wanted to attend one but I doubt I would ever go again. I’m not a hype person. I think I have too many jaded genes. And lord knows, I could not stay there all day. I have the attention span of a flea.

However – speaking to readers has been INVALUABLE as they are more then happy to tell you what the hate in a book and would SHOULD be in a book - a big thanks to the readers.

That’s it…back around three-ish to sign books or watch other people do it.

Til later…