Thursday, 5 February 2009

Here’s the thing…..

Everything I write on is my own personal opinion. I’m allowed to have one. I’m lucky to be free. Freedom to me means talking and acting without fear or favor. It’s about being true to yourself. This blog - - is called “Go ahead, give an opinion.” So I do. My opinion is untainted by what anyone else thinks because it’s what I think. Now, I can only say if you find that unsettling to your senses then you must not read for the good of your emotional well being. I will also say I will not now or ever change to fit in with a few. And I have found trying to start a blog war, while it may increase blog readership, is pointless. So comment or not – read or avoid the blog – email me or not. That is your choice as it is mine to write what I do.

So enough of that silliness…OMG…packing…holy snapping ducks! While I knew I had put together some nice Amarinda promo stuff for the Australian Romance Readers Convention starting 20th Feb in Melbourne, Australia - drinks night and meet my editor day, let’s hope her eye twitching has stopped after the last lot of edits she did for me – I was not seriously aware of the volume. When I do stuff I do it to the max, however after viewing all the things that I had tossed on the bed in the 2nd bedroom, the words ‘camel through the eye of the needle’ came to mind as I looked from the stuff to my nifty scarlet suitcase…hmmm…e=mc2 or in this case e = not- bloody-going-to-fit….what to do, what to do? Can I wear all my clothes down on the plane in the heat of summer? Act casual as I drag an enormously heavy suitcase, the wheels buckling under the weight, plastic bags, strapped to the outside with black tape, bulging out and knocking people in the legs as I progress through the airport? Yes, I could do that. I am capable of such behavior – however, in the end – for an amazingly small cost I forwarded some stuff down south.

Melbourne – haven’t been their for donkey’s years. I once lived down south but no one up north holds that against me, we’re pretty relaxed in Queensland – in speech, attitude and dress. I did ask my editor, a Melbourne native, what ‘smart casual’ meant down there. Have you noticed how different parts of the country dress? In the sunshine state, and particularly in my suburb, it means clean thongs (flip flops) and clean sleep shorts with your singlet and with a squirt of deodorant under your arms. I’m joking of course, I have only seen three people wearing sleep shorts to the shops in the last week, so that’s not like its everyone. Anyway, I will turn up in my usual clobber (clothes) and be me – ‘damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.’

To be honest, I’m just looking to have some fun in Melbourne with H and have a wander around the city - the convention will be interesting and a bonus but I can’t take any of this writing business too seriously – okay, yes, I have the promo stuff – but I like to give stuff away if I can. I think writing can be summed up in this moment I had yesterday when I was buying my morning coffee. The café owner said she was only just talking to someone about me. The other person was apparently going into the city to meet an author – no idea who – but she was ‘very excited’. The staff mentioned me and my books – bless them – and said I worked close by. The person said ‘Oh, her books mustn’t be doing very well if she is still working.” This made me smile all day. People have strange, fixed perceptions don’t they? But I’m doing very nicely thank you very much….
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Anny Cook said...

*Snort* Not doing well? Damn I envy you getting to meet H. I will be thinking of you wandering about the convention and Melbourne. I bet you have a blast!

Regina Carlysle said...

I watch a bit of the Australian Open every January and the scenes they show of Melbourne sure made me want to visit there. Looks to be a beautiful city. I'm so excited to here how it all goes and I'm envious too. Wish I could be there. Mailing some of your stuff sounds like a really good idea. Now you can travel a little lighter.

Remember the woman who mentioned the chocolate place? You should find it and tell us about it so we can live vicariously through you. HA.

barbara huffert said...

Tell H to set out the big fans. It's too hot to wander in Melbourne now.

And for what it's opinion, since you're accepting comments this week, is that it's classy of you to not participate in the blog sniping. Perhaps others should follow your example.

Unknown said...

Thanks friend for being you.

Sandra Cox said...

You and H are going to have so much fun.
That comment about not working was worth a chuckle:)

Sandra Cox said...

Or should that be still working..Anyway...poor woman obviously doesn't read erotica.

Regina Carlysle said...

BTW...I agree with Barb. You are classy not to belabor the sniping and basically childish behavior that's been going on. Kudos. It's about time SOMEBODY decided to live in the 'grown up' world.