Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday free for all…

Comments are on the blog for today – got something pressing to say about any issue or whatever? Go for it. The one most interesting comment about anything either in the blog comments – or as always you can email me, for reasons of privacy ( or on facebook - will win the koala t-shirt. Yes, it does come in XXL. The Aussie company that sells them is donating money to the bushfire victims on each sale. So speak your mind. The winner will be announced on Monday’s blog.

Did you hear…

SLEAZY men are taking advantage of Sydney's rental crisis by placing online advertisements offering women free rooms in exchange for sex.,23599,25056894-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Yes, it is disgusting but if there was no interest from women, taking up these offers, then these offers would not exist would they? So no one, regardless of gender, is exactly squeaky clean in this circumstance and this has been going on for ages. It’s just now, in the light of crap economic conditions, that it becomes a story. Ah, sensationalism…

This line interested me the most…..

"I'm not that kind of person,'' he said.”But, yes, it would possibly involve sex.'',23599,25056894-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Translation = oh hell yeah I want sex but I don’t want to look like a complete toe rag.

I have to wonder what the requirements are for a ‘suitable’ tenant?

That’s it – watched Sabrina today – not the Audrey Hepburn/ Humphrey Bogart epic but Julia Ormond/Harrison Ford were almost as good…it makes you think…
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Anonymous said...

It's a sad state of the world when people will take advantage of tragic circumstances and disasters like 911, Hurricane Katrina, and the bush fires.
Makes you wonder just how long the world will last before human kind brings it to a tragic end. Then again, those that choose to help one another and do right stand tall and in the light.

Anny Cook said...

Love both versions of Sabrina... though I think I liked the first one better.

Rentals for sex, eh? I'm sure it's been happening forever, but even supposing the woman was willing, how does she know the man isn't a serial killer using the ad to draw in his victims? Brrr. I don't think I personally would ever be that desperate. Morality aside, I'm too much of a chicken to chance something like that.

Sandra Cox said...

That's pretty cool about the tee shirts.
Toe rag, huh?
I too loved both Sabrina's.

barbara huffert said...

"Free accommodation in exchange for relationship." Well, I guess that's one way of finding someone. Nope, not about to try it myself. Although it would perhaps be interesting to see what sort of men responded if I placed one in reverse.

Regina Carlysle said...

Complete toe rags! The bottom feeders come out any time there is a crisis!

I get more pissed every time I hear more about the woman who was implanted with 8 eggs and had all those babies when she already has six at home. She's unemployed, on welfare and food stamps, already has three special needs kids. Now they are showing the cramped conditions, wall to wall cribs, toys and food on the walls of the small 3 bdrm house she's living in. Came to light the other night the government will be picking up the hospital bills too. WTF??? Is this a crazy world or what?
I think the doctor who did this should have to take care of these kids through their college years!!! If he doesn't pay, you can be damn sure WE will.

Oh. Now that I've calmed down, I looooove Sabrina. Both versions.