Saturday, 14 April 2012

Open doors and minds....

So, I wrote something on facebook about liking the fact that men still open doors for me. No, I’m not some fluffy, helpless little woman who flutters her eyelids to get want she wants…oh wait…maybe I do the last bit when it suits me. However my point is that I’m a disgustingly independent woman who is capable of opening a door on my own but I appreciate it when a man does it because he wants to and that he was brought up to have good manners. Give me a man with good manners over a supermodel hunk any day.

One comment on facebook observed ‘woman’s lib be damned.’ The women’s liberation movement was never about denying men or castigating them for being gentlemanly or for wanting to do things for a woman. It was about the equality of the sexes – equal pay and equal say. And, nah, so many women don’t have the pay/say thing sorted yet but we have come along way when it comes to women’s rights. We still have a long way to go. But, on the whole, most women can do, say and be things we were shut out of before. That’s huge. Can you contemplate living in a world where the Suffragettes were fighting for the vote and were being taken to prison because of their protests?

Independence? Yes. Gentlemen with manners? Yes, I admire manners. It’s not all about being staunchly one thing or the other. Liberation in any form means freedom and the right to act as your conscience dictates without penalizing another for their thoughts and actions.


Sandra Cox said...

I'm all for both, independence and car doors being opened.