Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Intimidate me not...

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“Do you see what I see?” Emmeline’s voice was low and filled with dread.

Shade’s mouth was a grim line as his eyes followed the path of spent zucchinis. “There has been a hell of a battle here.”

“Who could possibly be alive after this?” Emmeline shook her head at the devastation she saw. “Do you think Rafe managed to escape?”

Shade swore softly in disgust. It always came down to his bloody twin. Why couldn’t this woman see and admit the real truth?
“Oh aye, he’s alive and I am sure you will get to use your peeler on my precious brother,” he growled in frustration, his fangs glinting in the moonlight.

“Jealous?” The thought that Shade could be sent a hot shiver down the fine quills on her back.

“What do you want of me woman?” Shade stormed over and pulled Emmeline into his arms, holding her tight and close as she squirmed against his hard body. “You know what I crave from you.”

“I cannot. I must uphold the laws of Khaleena.” What were they again? She could not think clearly when he held her so, his breath hot on her skin, his heart hammering wildly against hers.

“I could take you right here and now and the laws be damned,” he whispered against lips. “You know you want me.”

“I…” Emmeline stopped as she felt Shade stagger suddenly.

“Damn it I have been stung by a zucchini.” He fell to the ground in agony.

Emmeline knew speed was of the essence. She would have to suck hard and fast to save her man. Her man?
Hmmm...whatever will happen next???

My neighbour told me to stick it up my arse today. Nice huh? I wasn’t particularly upset for two reasons. The first being that I had heard worse than that before. I used to work for a government department and a phone company and on a daily basis I was told to do that as well as go forth and multiply. People are incredibly courageous over the phone – not. So hearing that from this twerp did not bother me. The second reason was he was wrong and I was right. He also said it under his breath as a parting shot thinking I would not hear him. I simply replied with a smile “and you have a nice day.” He could not get off my property fast enough due to his embarrassment.

How did this arse sticking up comment come about? He wanted to put a new fence up between our properties. There is a law that states that both owners must agree and be given reciprocal quotes, warnings and a month's notice if they are expected to pay half -otherwise the person who puts it up pays for it. He foolishly went ahead and put the fence up. About a week ago I arrived home one night to see the fence ripped out and new fence posts in. It did not bother me per se as the fence would eventually have to be replaced in the next five years or so. As he does not live on the property and I had no way to reach him I thought – fine you want a new fence without consultation – you pay for it. The next day the fence was up when I got home.

He rocked up the front steps this morning all matey-like and said “I have two quotes for the fence.” He started to hand them to me. I pointed out the law and that he was supposed to hand me three quotes before the work was done and give me one month to decide or find different quotes. As he hadn’t I was not paying for the fence. How did I even know these quotes were even correct? Did I not trust him he said? Well no, is the obvious answer. He then said I was morally obliged to pay. I said you were morally obliged to consult me. He looked stunned. Then he got stupid. “I’ll put the old fence back up then.” Okay, I said go ahead. He looked at me like a stunned mullet and then began to get aggressive. I stood and listened and look bored and when he was finished I said I was still not paying for the fence as we both know he had done the wrong thing. That’s when he used his parting shot of me sticking it up for arse.

I am as reasonable as the next person. I know the law and my rights. Handing over money to someone on a couple of dodgy quotes for a replacing a perfectly good fence with another is insanity. Was I worried or scared? No because real men don’t carrying on like pork chops. I just went outside a moment ago to throw something in the bin. He saw me then ducked. He is embarrassed. So he should be. I refuse to let anyone try to intimidate me with brute strength or words.
Results of the last quiz - "Who is the scariest?" There was a tie between "A romance novelist in the middle of doing edits"and "A woman with PMS and no access to chocolate." No one was scared of a vampire and a romance novelist with PMS and no access to chocolate can kick Freddie Kruger's skinny white arse.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Hmmm. Stinging zucchinis, and the truth comes out...

Phoenix said...

AJ, I love your life. I would give just about anything to be the fly on your wall (unsquished of course). The characters in your life fascinate me.

Anny Cook said...

Amarinda fascinates me. I think it's her "real" deep down persona.

Unknown said...

Yes, Janet and Amarinda are one and the same. Ethel, my best friend, thinks it's quite funny that people think 'Amarinda'is a different person. I am, and always will be, as you find me, whatever the name.

Phoenix said...

AJ is easier to say than JD. S'my only concession to picking a name to call you by.

Unknown said...

I told you you can always call me your majesty

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Missed you guys and missed our dear Emmeline. I like a man who can ignore the laws for his love. But Emmeline is not the only one with conflict. The zucchini that hit me must be a mean one. I have to take my Mom to the hospital. See you whenever.
I'll catch up when I can.