Thursday, 12 July 2007

Re-unite me not...

I got a call last night from someone I knew in high school inviting me to a high school reunion. Oh gag. While I believe the past is an important element of the future there are some parts I don’t want to revisit it. I honestly believe that high school was a complete and utter waste of time. I feel I should have gone straight from Primary school and straight into life, traveled and worked etc. But that’s me…I was a smart arse at 4 years of age.

Anyway, Virginia called, no again not a real name, and she said she wanted to get ‘the gang’ together. Virginia, I should explain was and still is a very prim and proper woman who would not say shit for a shilling and was always the school goody two shoes – not a ‘gang’ type unless Pollyanna had a crew. She was shocked to learn I was not married. She said “how unfortunate” and there was much sympathetic tut-tutting over the line. However she did say that if I came to the reunion dinner she could seat me at a table where the single, the gay, the lesbians and the one Nun our class had spawned would be sitting - sort of a reject table. Virginia did mention that one of the lesbians had just had a baby so there was “hope yet for a straight single lady.” Whew! Thank goodness… boy oh boy was I worried my chances were blown. Virginia then went onto tell me what my fellow classmates were doing and I could not remember half the people she mentioned. She also said all the ‘mean girls’ from high school were still the same and would not talk to her.
A - Who were the mean girls? And B - Who gives a rat’s arse? High school is over. Build the bridge.

However despite the certainly tempting opportunity to sit at the reject table, I declined the invite as high school holds no memories I want to re-live. It wasn’t bad, it was just boring and being an ex-army brat I went to a lot of schools so they all pretty much blend into one in my mind. The only things I remember are skipping Wednesday afternoon sport, getting in trouble for refusing to call a nitwitted teacher ‘sir’ and being told to stand outside the classroom a lot for saying things I shouldn’t. So nothing to re-live there as given a chance I would still skip sport, to this day I cannot call anyone ‘sir’ as that word does not come naturally to my lips and I still get in trouble for saying things I shouldn’t – so same old same old. I am who I always was. Virginia did say she would “say a prayer that I would find a man”. I wasn’t aware one was lost.
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Phoenix said...

I had a middle school class mate contact me recently. Middle school because we moved a lot too and he was getting in touch with the "class at large" to see who knew what. So anyway, got contacted and he said he remembered wild parties at my house and my mother interrupting a couple of fifth graders "swapping spit" pretty heavily. Apparently my mother told them to respect themselves.

While I don't remember but one party at my house I completely agree that the comment attributed to my mother was correct. She is the same and would likely break up my romantic storylines with the same admonishment.

Ironically, the kid-now-man who contacted me was the same one I used to beat up and cuss at--trouble adjusting in middle school, what can I say? Perhaps hoping for an apology?

Anny Cook said...

Ah, Amarinda! My heart bleeds for you. Miss Virginia sounds exactly like some of the people I went to high school with. Which is exactly why I won't be going to my high school reunion either.

Actually, when I told the organizer what I do for a living, I believe she was so shocked you couldn't think of anything to say.

And I also moved a lot--nine schools in nine years. Wouldn't know any of my old schoolmates if they jumped in my lap and barked.

Phoenix said...

But you might look at them a little oddly, yes Anny?

Anny Cook said...

Well--possibly. After all, as Amarinda will tell you I have a decidedly odd bent. It's possible that I would just pet them and scratch behind their ears.