Thursday, 5 July 2007

Necessary evils...

Rose Perfect Review
One word for Janet Davies is wow! This is one book that I’m going to keep and I can’t wait for it to be in print. I mean you have Rosanna Harlow who has had a bad life. The beginning of 2006 is not looking too good either, and then she meets Archer McCall with his bizarre story. Archer is a determined man from the future making you wonder where your future man is. I loved that he loves hard and won’t take no for an answer, especially when his Rosanna keeps denying that she is in love with him. All in all, Rose Perfect was a great book, especially with the story line about how her friend turned evil and diabolical with the drugs, making you think about what your friends are really like. Janet Davies sure has a wild imagination and I can’t wait for more of her books to come out.

I had to go grocery shopping after work because I had run out of essentials – coffee, milk, chocolate biscuits, champagne and carrots (shut up - I like carrots okay?) I know what you are thinking. What a cosmopolitan lifestyle Amarinda lives. However these items are essential to me as I cannot form words in the morning until I have coffee, I need a stash chocolate biscuits (Tim Tams-Aussies will know that of which I speak) to soothe the savage hormones every month and champagne because you cannot have enough champagne. I find shopping after work is a good time to do the groceries as no ankle biters (kids) are hurling themselves down aisles or screaming incessantly about whatever the hell kids scream about. I have a basic belief that no children should be allowed in shopping centres until they are 12 years old. Okay, yes, you are right I am kidding…they should 15 years old.

I walk fast…really fast. Get in my way and I will mow you down. I had to shoot through one of the local department stores to get something. I shot through the shoe department in pursuit of my goal (men’s underwear – all I will say is men are inept when it comes to buying undies) when I almost came a cropper on shoes all over the shoe department floor and a shop assistant in tears. I asked her what the hell had happened? Had there been a herd of stampeding elephants through the store? She said every night she had to clean up the shoe department from where people tried on shoes from the rack and then threw them to the ground as they were too lazy to place them back and she was sick of it. My god! What is wrong with people? Do we care so little for others that we cannot be bothered having the common courtesy to put something back if we don’t want it? Who are these pukeable feral people? While I was talking to her this woman tried on and then threw down a pair of shoes. I yelled out loudly “Oi you stupid pick ‘em up!”(I can be a tad direct at times) The woman was extremely embarrassed (who cares) and the shop assistant and I high-fived each other. One small victory means nothing as I know that poor woman will be picking shoes up again tomorrow. People suck sometimes – not you or me but others.

Two things pleased me when I entered the supermarket – my favourite brand of coffee was on sale and so was Tim Tams. Let the pigeons loose! If god exists she is a woman as only another woman would understand the need to stock up on both of these items. While I was deciding which flavour Tim Tams to buy, a man looked in my trolley –saw carrots and coffee - and started chatting me up. Why? Are carrots or coffee a sign that I want to attract a man? Anyway I gave him short shrift after he told me - after looking me up and down- in a so-called charming manner(not) “biscuits are fattening.” Oh piss off. Like I need this after work. I gave him my best ball freezing look and went on my way. He’s probably still circling fresh produce try to defrost his balls while he looks for love.

Supermarkets –necessary evils.


Anny Cook said...

Congratulation on your new review! Wow! I wanna a review! Okay, enough whining.

I definitely want to go shopping with you. You have so much more fun than I do. And I agree with you that there are people out there who are PIGS!

I can't tell you how many times I've gone to buy a shirt and found the entire rack tossed in a heap. Who does these things???

I was taught to put everything back where I found it.

Ah, well, good for you calling that woman on it.

Phoenix said...

I don't know what it is, but although I know you are Aussie, I hear a british accent when I read your blogs.

I agree about horrible little children which is why mine are complete angels. They never complain, gripe in public, whine, throw things down, or cry. Do you know why? Because I would take them immediately home for a spanking. And they know this. Which is why I have not had to spank my children in years. Good training starts early as do poorly controlled children. Parents need to quit trying to be a child's best friend and learn to disappoint the little boogers every once in a while. If they did, they would have children like mine who hug each other and giggle and volunteer their time at retirement homes of their own accord and even ask that gift bearers to birthday parties send books for donation to the local library. Told you my kids were angels.