Saturday, 7 July 2007

The wisdom of the ages

Breaking Amarinda news – I have just been offered a contract for Lust in Time (Great title huh?) with Total-e-bound. I am pleased and excited and I look forward to it being released soon. It’s all about time travel, sex and romance. What more could you possibly want? More will be revealed soon. Watch this space.

Every six weeks I go to the hairdresser for dye job. Yes, I dye my hair and I admit it. Why not? I don’t understand why women don’t admit to what I call ‘two-toned’ hair. It’s a fact of life. We are all aging – build the bridge and get over it I say. Things are going southward, there is more hail damage on the thighs and the roots need a touch up. So what? Despite all that I am still fabulous. How you repair or not repair yourself is up to you. I like to dye my hair because I can.

Anyway I wandered off to the hairdresser and I always get the apprentice. Why? Because everyone has to learn and they need someone to take a chance on them. So thrill seeker that I am I put my hair in the hands of, let’s call her, Tracey. She is 17 years old yet she is one of the wisest, oldest souls I have ever encountered. She is engaged to be married, she has several small businesses flourishing on the side and she already knows exactly what her salon will look like when she finishes her apprenticeship. I was never like Tracey when I was 17 - or to be honest even now. She knows exactly what she will do in her life. I admire that as I tend to use the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach to life. I have had many a crash landing but the odd fall on your arse never hurt anyone and as I always say - that is what cellulite is for.

I hate that question people ask in interviews – “Where do you see yourself in years?” I don’t bloody know. I’ll probably have a coffee in a moment and unless I win lotto, next week I will be at work. That’s just the half arsed let’s see where this road takes us Amarinda plan. As I am still alive I believe it is a plan I will keep. I have a sticker on the back of my car that says “karma is karma baby”. I believe the good and bad things you do will eventually even themselves out so why sweat over the next five years? Ah the ancient philosophy of the half-arsed.

I left the hair salon redder in hair and wondering if Tracey was actually Yoda as the girl has the wisdom of the ages – but she is probably better than Yoda as she is also mighty good at doing intense red foils and that in my eyes is a gift. Hairdressers rock.


Anny Cook said...

Some of them are born old. I've got one like that. The other is eternally young. Wonder how that happened?

Congrats on your new pub and best wishes!

Phoenix said...

Always red, or do you get creative? Six months ago I went for calico streaks. That is to say, thick bands of deep purple/red, platnum blonde (I remembered the "e" Helen), near black and mahogany brown. I loved it. But after two rounds of upkeep, I went brunette with blonde. Again the upkeep was too expensive and now I am brown with lowlights and highlights which were meant to match my roots. I think my natural color is brown, but I'm not entirely sure. Especially considering that for the past several years my hair was either brilliantly purple-red or black. Sometimes black with streaks of blonde. So, Amarinda, it appears you are far more conservative than me after all and I had been thinking the opposite.

Hair is hair rather like Karma is Karma, I believe. After all, hair grows whether you fear a bad coloring or bad cut. Like Karma, it all returns to what it should be. Everything evens out over the years. Bonnie blog, Amarinda.

Unknown said...

Well Miss Kirch I like red and I choose to stay red because I can - and yes, I am terribly conservative - you picked it in one - sweet, pure and innocent - that's me