Sunday, 1 July 2007

Squiggly crap language...what the?

Is it just me or are we losing the plot when it comes to our language skills? I get weird emails sent to me with squiggly dot-dash symbols that are supposed to mean love or happiness or dislike or pick up milk at the supermarket and I wonder why we don’t just write the actual words without out the symbolic babble. You’ve seen it – :) or :-) or some other variation. I mean come on! Who makes this squiggly crap language up anyway and why does everyone then jump on the writing squiggly crap bandwagon? Are our own languages, that have been around for centuries, not good enough? Will squiggly crap language be around in one hundred years? Is it phonetically or linguistically possible to utter? Or is it just some plot to make us all illiterate? Or is it a subtle way of making us learn an alien language before they land on Earth? Hmmm?

I had to learn French in High school because one of the alternatives to French was Biology and after “Frog- gate” (To this day I still say it was not me that let them go. They were just incredibly smart frogs that saw an opportunity) my mother insisted they get me out of Biology – to be honest there was not a lot of opposition after the frog-gate incident – and put me in French class. It was not that I particularly wanted to parlez vous Francais, it was more it was that or I would have to take Chemistry and other than burning holes in the science lab desks with acid it was a fairly dull subject. Anyway back to French – it’s been around thousand of years. It is a beautiful sounding when spoken by anyone but an Aussie. But I did okay in my brief sojourn bumming around France. I could ask “ou est le toilette?” and “combien?” when I wanted to buy stuff. So there is a point to French. What does squiggly crap language sound like?

I have also had the good fortune to learn how to swear in several other languages while travelling overseas. Always very advantageous when you are young and doing dumb things overseas and you need to tell that man to get his hand off your arse in Italian or for someone to go forth and multiply in Polish. Can you do that with squiggly crap language? Does it have the same impact? I think not.

So, I refuse to follow the squiggly crap language trend. Please comment in English or swear in Italian or Polish…thank you

Have you used the word “pukeable” today?
Rose Perfect
Janet Davies...Amarinda's second skin

Rosanna Harlow has just come out of the worst year of her life. 2005 was the pits. She lost her job, was ripped off by her feral cousins and she broke her big toe trying to do home renovations on the cheap. All she wants now is a peaceful, prosperous 2006 with no problems or excitement. The last thing Rosanna Harlow needs is the darkly attractive Archer McCall turning up on her door step telling her he is a Time Traveler from the year 2049 and that he needs her help to stop her best friend, Prue, from becoming a major drug lord. Sure he does. Yet, she soon discovers the Time Traveler is not mad and he is indeed telling her the truth. So why her? It’s not like she’s Wonder Woman or anything. She has no special powers. If she had, she would have used them long before this to sort out her own life.
The evil of one woman will bring Rosanna Harlow the enduring love that she never knew she needed. But will she survive 2006 to be with Archer? Will their efforts to save the future be in vain?


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