Saturday, 30 June 2007

The campaign to legitimize pukeable

My fabulous zen-like editor who says I can stop sucking up to her as she is a wake up to me, told me my edits were fine, that they have gone off to edit land and her eye has stopped twitching from all the stress I gave her. See? Happy ending all round - except for one thing. The word “pukeable” was removed from the book. I happen to like this word and I use it a lot. The problem is that “pukeable” is not in the dictionary. Why isn’t it? And how can we make it a dictionary listing? What is the definition of “pukeable” I hear you ask? I will tell you. To me “pukeable” means anything that is yucky and not nice. People can be pukeable, jobs can be pukeable and you can feel pukeable. See how descriptive and useful pukeable is?

I was chatting on line to woman of steel, part-timer clogger Queen and kick arse writer Charlene Leatherman ( about the withdrawal of the word from Shades of Gray and she said “pukeable is a good word. I should sneak it into my book too…enough authors use pukeable it will become a recognized word.” So there it is. We have a plan and I beg you please use pukeable whenever you can. I need it to be a recognized dictionary word so when I slip it into the next book my editor will not blink an eye. How can we let such a descriptive word go to waste? Whom does one petition to make such words legitimate? This is now my mission in life. Ten minutes ago it was to lose weight, to clean up the storeroom under the house and to try and be a good girl at work but you can see why I now have to immediately drop all of those goals. So my new goal is to use pukeable as many times as I can. I am up to the challenge. Am I full of crap? Possibly. But at least I am not pukeable.

Comments received from previous blog

As for the puzzle, you witch!...I sent it on to my husband and it is now keeping him busy and happy and out of my hair so that I can write in peace so your plan is doomed. Doomed I say!

Rats! Foiled again…I have to think up another way to knobble the writer ladies of the Frogspond.

Love the cover art and the editor. She is fabulous in every way and I am so glad I'm not the only one with formatting issues. I don't have the horizontal problem. But she did have to point out that my hero might want to remove his pants before getting busy. Sigh. I had left his pants not only on, but front closed. Makes it a titch complicated, yes?

Hmmm…sex with his pants on…and the front closed? On the bright side there is no need for a condom…on the down side the heroine may be a tad ticked off and she may even be wondering what the hell she is doing with a man who forgets to take his pants off. Lord it's hard being a romance writer.


anny cook said...

Pukeable, huh? Well, I've heard much worse. Okay, we'll spread the word. I'll give the word to my granddaughter. In a world like ours words spread the best from the young.

Nine year olds invent new words all the time. What you really need to do it find a rapper and get him (or her) to use it. That would be the ticket.

Or a blogger. ;-)

Kelly Kirch said...

It's a sight better than the story my mother told me from college days. She said one of her guy friends reported using his gym sock when he hadn't prepared for his rondez vous. Not even a clean sock but the one he'd been wearing. Poor girl. Can you imagine the sandpaper effect depositing athlete's foot in such a place? The shocker is the girl actually went along with it. The idiot friend then asked my mother if she thought if had worked as a contraceptive. People that stupid should never procreate. They shouldn't even have the equipment to do so. ACK!