Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Mad About Mirabelle....

I ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ whether to bung(Aussie for delicately shove in) an excerpt in from one of my Ellora’s Cave upcoming books to be released and then I thought what the hell – live dangerously. So be warned gentle, astute reader if you don’t want to read about sex or certain ‘bad’ words thanks for visiting and I will chat to you tomorrow when I will put an excerpt in from Last Man Standing…a less raunchier but still damn good (Yes, I love me) romance about people from other dimensions.

This is probably the only tame excerpts from Mad About Mirabelle I have. Feel free to check out my website for all my upcoming books or drop me a line and tell me what you think.

The Blurb….
Holy crap! Mirabelle Turner's new next door neighbor is the last man she expected to ever see again. It was one thing to have knee wobbling sex with this dark sexy stranger in the back of a limo but quite another to find him staying next door with his Aunt Lila. Can she resist the temptations of the boy next door? Flynn Curtis is more then happy to tempt the delectable Mirabelle. He is mad about her. When his Aunt Lila's house mysteriously burns down he gladly accepts the reluctant Mirabelle's offer for he and his Aunt to move in with her. It is the start of all sorts of moves Flynn intends to make on his new neighbor. Mirabelle is trapped by courtesy, lust and sudden realization that she is falling in love with Flynn. But does the person who burnt down Lila’s house have other plans for Mirabelle? And is Aunt Lila really the sweet old lady she seems? Can Flynn save the woman he is mad about?

The Excerpt….

“Get out!” Mirabelle pointed to the door.
“Oh you’re not getting off that easily. You are going to be really sorry you hit me bitch. I am going to fuck you so hard you will feel like you are being split in two.” The man advanced menacingly toward her.
Oh shit!
Mirabelle pushed back into the leather upholstery grateful that she still had on her ridiculously expensive spiked heels. She had originally blanched at the price of the come fuck me shoes when she had first fallen in love with them in the shoe store window. However now she could see these expensive lethal weapons strapped to her ankles may just save her life.
The door to the limo flung open.
Please let it be Batman coming to save my ass.
“You heard the lady—get out!” Flynn locked eyes with the man letting him know in no certain terms that he could easily beat that crap out of his yuppyfied metrosexual hide.
Mirabelle looked at her uniformed savior in surprise. Was this the limo driver? Two thoughts crossed her mind. Thank God he had come to her rescue and why had she not noticed this slab of beefcake before? Tall, dark and damn sexy what with that crooked scar above his left eyebrow.
“This bitch led me on,” the man whined.
“Regardless, when a lady says no she means it.” Flynn told the man. “Have you not gotten that into your skull yet?”
“Cock teaser!” The man yelled at Mirabelle as he started to get out of the car.
“Small-balled prick!” Mirabelle yelled back. She turned to look at the limo driver who was looking at her with interest. “With men like that you just naturally assume they are penially challenged.” Though Mirabelle doubted very much that this limo man was. Broad shouldered, lean-hipped with a mouth that was so delicious looking it was bound to be high calorie but definitely worth the tasting.
“And what should I assume about you?” Flynn asked as shut the door and sat down on the seat and looked at her lazily.
“What?” And what the hell was he doing in the back seat with her when the steering wheel was in the front?
“Don’t you know it’s not nice to get a man all hot and bothered and push him away? Men hate women like that. Those sorts of women need to be taught a lesson about getting all hot and bothered with no place to go.” He slid over closer to the woman in red.
Hot and bothered sounded pretty good coming from limo man.
“Do you have a problem?” She swallowed hard as she looked at the man. If she had to sum him up in a couple of words she could have said raw and sensual from the jagged scar over his left eyebrow to the full lower lip of his mouth. Just the way she liked them
“I have no problem. But you do.” Flynn looked down at her bare breasts and licked his lower lip.
Mirabelle’s eyes followed the path of his tongue. Some men were just watchable. This guy with the wavy dark hair was one of them. The smile he gave her was all hot wicked promise.
“Look I appreciate you getting rid of that creep but why are you in the backseat? Isn’t the whole idea of being a chauffeur to sit in the front seat and actually drive?” It was only then that it occurred to that as he slid closer in beside her his eyes were riveted on her bare breasts. “Frigging hell!” Mirabelle grabbed the straps of her halter top and tried to fasten it behind her neck. Could this evening get more embarrassing?
Flynn draped one long arm over the back seat headrest, his fingers within touching distance of the woman struggling to cover her breasts.
“What I don’t get is why a woman as sexy as you are would be putting out for a wimp of a pretty boy like that or aren’t you all that particular when it comes to men?”
“I was not putting out! And I am excessively particular when it comes to men.” Mirabelle snapped angrily as she struggled with her top. She was even more angry when she realised that limo man was right. She hadn’t been at all particular when the man had her breast in his mouth. Mirabelle hated it when people used her own weaknesses against her.
“He wasn’t even a real man. A real man never forces a woman to have sex.”
“And I supposed you are a ‘real man’?” Even as Mirabelle said it she realized she was probably sitting beside one of the most real men she had ever come across. It was just the spicy smell of him, the warm strength radiating from his body and the knowingly sexy look in his eyes that told her that. He would never have to force a woman. A woman would fall at his feet and beg for him to take her. Mirabelle didn’t beg. Not even for a man as hot as limo man…well…maybe… No, she definitely wouldn’t. Why won’t the clasp on this damn halter top clasp? It snapped shut under her panicked fingers.
“I’m very real.” Flynn watched vain attempts and smiled. “I wouldn’t bother. I’ll be stripping that dress off you very soon.” Flynn loosened and pulled off his tie over his head. He was ready for a little fun.
Mirabelle stiffened at his words. What the hell was going on? Was this some sort of orgy limo? She knew Clarisse was always up for a good time but she was seriously beginning to wonder about that girl. Did this happen every night in her rental limo? Mirabelle’s eyes widened as she watched him. Why was he taking off his jacket? Good lord look at those shoulders!
“What are you doing?”
.....and then lots of stuff happens.....
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?
Someone sent me this quote true...leap away!

"There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap." -- Cynthia Heimel


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Ummmm. The limo driver, eh? You have the moooooost interesting characters, Amarinda. This one sounds so yummy.