Monday, 4 June 2007

Romance writers – drama queens or saving the world in one afternoon?

Romance writers are drama queens. Yes, I am one, and yes I am dramatic but more about me another time.

I say romance writers are drama queens because we can’t just write a book. We agonize over it. Is the romance sweet, soppy, or pukeable? Should he be dressed in mysterious black? Should she be a virgin or just a misunderstood playgirl? Is there too much sex? Not enough sex? Is it physically possible for the hero to be hopping on his left foot with the heroine’s breasts in his face, as he blindly carries her to the white canopied bed, promising her the best sex of her life, all the time knowing the villain lurks outside the window waiting for a chance to strike his good twin? No, probably not. Then there the romance writers who congregate in packs and rip other romance writers to shreds for fear that writer may do better than them. No, that’s not happened to me yet though I am looking forward to it. As you can see drama abounds.

How do romance writers save the world? Well they can’t really. It was just a catchy title. What romance writers do is allow a reader to escape for a couple of hours to forget “what’s his name” who was never good enough for her anyway. They give the dreamers a chance to think about “the one” or the many if it’s a ménage. They help sell junk food as romance reading and junk food go hand in hand. They provide light relief and a moment to think of anything but the crap going on at work or your seven page credit card bill or how you are going to fix the scrape in the car with nail polish before anyone notices. Don’t we all just need to chill out every so often even if we know Rex Too-good is never going to sweep us into his manly arms and carry us off to his private yacht, villa, Batcave for wild sex? Could you seriously be carried off by a 'Rex' anyway? By all means email me if it's happened and I'll put your replies on the blog.

Drama queens? Hell yes. Saving the world? No, but maybe saving on crappy afternoon.


anny cook said...

If we as romance writers can bring comfort, ease, momentary peace, or joy to one reader then our job has been done. If we reach more than one reader, that's icing on the cake.