Monday, 25 June 2007

Adults have been warned...

I was trying to think of something scintillating to say in this blog but I am too brain dead after work. I have a policy of not trying to think too much at work and yet all day people come up to me and ask me to solve problems. No matter how much I glare at them or pretend to be deaf they ask questions. This is exceptionally annoying when I am trying to write the latest chapter of my next book. But there you go. They pay me and I like to believe I do a good job at looking like I care. Am I a bad employee? Possibly. However I like to think I am a creative employee using my skills to advance myself in company time. See? It does not sound so bad if you say it like that.
So, being brain dead with a blog to write, my friend Ethel, not her real name but a long time ago in a company we both used to work for (let's call it the mythical company of Promptel I use in my books) she was Ethel and I was Lucy. Yes, very original nicknames for a pair of schemers. As Lucy I always had lots of plans that tended to get us both in trouble - but we had a very good time driving people insane. What is life without insanity and a little mischief making I ask you if you get enjoyment out of it? Work cannot always be about work. So wise Ethel said put that "Halloween sex thing" on and get people to read it. So here is a tiny snippet of "the Halloween sex thing" courtesy of Ethel and this blog is dedicated to every Ethel and Lucy combination in the world.
Be aware that it is not for the faint hearted do not read on if sex or swear words offend you....
Maid For Death
The Blurb...
Cassandra Kent has a problem. Two men want her. Fantasy is great, reality can kill you.
One would be lover is a pissed off ghost. Once a year Miles returns on Halloween to kill a maid as an act of vengeance. The other is a dark, sexy Scot who is hunting the ghost. Sebastian plans to make sure the ghost stays dead and buried. Cassandra is the means to do it.
Cassandra is under threat from both men. Both want to have sex with her and both could be the death of her. What's s girl to do?
Maid For Death
The excerpt...

Cassandra Kent moaned as she gripped the back of the sofa and pushed her butt back against the man whose cock was hard and tight between the cheeks of her ass. She knew there was nothing like the feeling of a hard cock inside her. All Cassandra wanted now was to come.
“Harder…faster…” she panted as the man’s hands sensuously massaged the swollen mounds of her naked breasts, tugging on her nipples, as he ground in and out of her body. She heard him laugh loudly at her request. His hands gripped her hips firmly as he forcefully slammed his groin up against the plump flesh of her ass forcing the shaft of his cock deeper inside her. The sound of his balls slapping up against her backside competed with her shrieks of pleasure. “Oh God yes…” she moaned knowing she was going to explode soon.
Ten minutes ago Cassandra had knocked on the door to hotel room fifty-two planning to clean the room as fast as possible so she could get ready to meet up with friends at a planned Halloween party. But that was before she had let herself into room fifty-two and cannoned into hard muscle and warm male flesh. As Cassandra’s hands had roamed that flesh in an attempt to steady herself she had looked up and blinked in surprise as her gaze was caught and held by the most dazzling green eyes she had ever seen. Mesmerizing was the first word that came to her. Hot, fast instant attraction grabbed at her. And when he had suddenly smiled down at her in such a sexy yet arrogant way, Cassandra had the sudden overwhelming impulse to give him whatever he wanted. There was something about this man that demanded hot sweaty action.
“I want to fuck you,” the man had said. Just like that. His hands had grabbed her ass and pulled up against his already erect cock.
“I shouldn't…” Yet Cassandra had known she would. The man compelled her to be crazy in one lustful look. She was instantly wet with wanting. Whatever ideas she had of Halloween parties or room cleaning had disappeared in that one hot look from him and the feel of the cock against her stomach. It seemed a shame not to take advantage of that…
“My dear, you know you have no choice. I have to and will fuck you.” He had told her as he ripped off the blouse and bra from her body, his mouth sucking on her breasts as he yanked her panties down.
The next thing Cassandra knew her blouse and skirt were on the floor, her bra was God knows where and her panties were flung over a nearby lampshade. So much for her plans. But then action was always so much better. Cassandra had never felt so wild and hot and aching to be filled. She had never behaved this way before but in this one crazy moment she did not care about the moral rights and wrongs of having this stranger fuck her. All she knew was she wanted his hard length all the way inside her. Morality be damned.
“Fuck me then.” She allowed him to spin her around and push her to the sofa. She spread her legs and stuck her ass out desperate to take all of him inside her.
“You chambermaids are all the same,” the man murmured as he licked the side of her neck and impaled her in one strong thrust.
Cassandra shrieked in sheer pleasure. Her employer would have a fit if he saw one of his cleaning staff balling one of the guests, but the mental health of her employer did not concern her at that moment. Having an orgasm did. Besides she did not literally run into gorgeous auburn haired gods who felt this damn good every day when she was cleaning rooms at the Philbeach Manor Hotel.
“Oh God…” Cassandra moaned deep in her throat as she felt the orgasm spiralling up through her body. She felt like she was on the verge of exploding into a million pieces.
Sebastian Lord stood inside the half opened door and watched the scene before him. He was intrigued by the woman getting fucked in the ass. She was wildly abandoned. Her head was tossed back and her body was arched as her full breasts swung in time with the thrusts of the man who was taking her hard and fast. She in turn pushed her ass back against him demanding more and looking like she was enjoying every moment. It seemed a shame to intrude. Sebastian thought about letting her come but that would be too dangerous. He pushed through the gap in the doorway left by the cleaning trolley she had abandoned earlier.
“She is not for you Miles.” Sebastian watched as the woman’s eyes snapped open in shock and anger.
The man called Miles stopped momentarily as he looked at the intruder. He thrust hard again into the rounded ass before him.
“Holy crap!” Cassandra jerked forwards at his thrust and looked at the tall, dark haired man. “Who the hell are you?” The man in the black leather jacket and jeans did not look the slightest bit perturbed that he had interrupted them. In fact he looked at her as if he wanted to fuck her as well. Cassandra moaned deeply. Just let her come now and she would think about whether or not to have him as well.
“It’s too late Sebastian this one is already mine.” Miles continued thrusting inside the woman. He was so close to taking her completely.
“Not yet.” Sebastian could not allow this woman to be so easily taken.
“She will be.” Miles had decided that the minute he had seen her.
“Excuse me I don’t belong to either of you. I just want to come. Now either help or get out.” Cassandra Kent belonged to no one but herself. If she chose to have sex with someone that was because she wanted to, not because she was looking to be possessed and that sounded eerily like what these two men were alluding to. And why the hell had this happened before she had come? She wanted an orgasm damn it but suddenly the green eyed man was no longer thrusting into her as hard as he had been and her likelihood of getting an immediate orgasm was dying rapidly. Not fair. If they wanted to beat each other’s brains out why couldn’t they do it later?
“You have to leave Miles.” Sebastian drew the gun from the waistband of his jeans. He knew a bullet would only momentarily slow Miles down. It would not kill him. Miles needed to be stopped by other means. But now was not the time to do it.
Miles sighed angrily and stopped thrusting. The woman wailed in disappointment. This one he liked.
“You know this is not the end of this.” He slid out of the ass before him. “I will have this one Sebastian.
Cassandra spun around and looked at the auburn haired man then the intruder. What had she found so wildly compelling in this Miles guy only moments before? With his cock no longer inside her, this man paled into comparison beside the tall, dark haired man whose shoulder length hair was tied back in a ponytail. What with the hair and that Scottish accent of his, he was dead sexy as his eyes roamed her body with definite intent. Cassandra shook herself mentally. She was naked, pissed off and horny as hell. The two men in the room ogling her did not seem to be making any moves toward claiming her naked and eager body. Not one of her more sexually definitive moments. But if she was honest, Cassandra would have had either man’s cock inside her at the instant in order to satisfy the empty itchy feeling between her legs. When had she become so slut like? Who cares…just let me come.
....hmmm...does Cassandra relieve that itch? Who is Sebastian? And what are they going to do with the pesky Miles?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Oh. My.

Bring on the dark sexy strangers, especially if they have a scottish accent and long dark hair!

Good one, Amarinda! But Hallowe' far away!