Sunday, 24 June 2007

Bring on the cleaning pixies...

I just arrived back from a weekend away. You know all the deadly boring stuff you try and cram into the weekend like washing and cleaning, well I have that still ahead of me to do this lovely Sunday arvo (afternoon for non-Aussies). I would rather be doing anything but. However the cleaning pixies refuse to answer my call so I am stuck with doing it. Bloody pixies. What is fascinating (no, not how I call on pixies to clean) but how one person, little old Amarinda, can make so much mess and create so much laundry in a week. And there is no one to blame but me. I live alone. I have to. It’s not a law…though a few people think it should be as I apparently am "impossible" to live with. I can’t see how. I want everything my own way and I like my own space. I can be a tad messy, okay really messy, but it’s my house and what few rules I follow are my rules and all must abide by them when they step over the threshold. Am I a tyrannical bitch? One week a month absolutely. I am hell on earth. The rest of the time I am just an average, pushy bitch.

My few house rules – I prefer not to cook. I can cook I just don’t like to. I will microwave anything you want but I am not going to that grill or use a frying pan unless there is a gun at my head or you have handed me a large sum of money. Other than that I encourage anyone staying over to cook. Please do. Other rules…do not tell me how messy I am. I know. Evidence of this is spread all around the house. Next, I like to sleep alone. No it’s not some chastity kick. It’s just I like the whole bed to myself and get sick of him saying “sleeping with you is like sleeping with a human thrashing machine.” Well sleep alone I say. So sex – yes. Sleeping together afterward – no, bugger off. If I want to roll from one end of the bed to the other I will. My bed. My house. My ideal man comes and cooks(or we microwave something) we indulge in earth shattering sex (I write romance remember – it’s not going to be ho-hum sex) and then he leaves.(no, not on a white horse) He is there when I need him and visa versa. Cold? Too practical? No, just realistic. I think you get to a point in your life when you know what you want and it’s better to let people know about front to avoid angst later.

So, I cannot put it off any longer...on to the laundry and the cleaning. Thankfully I was a chambermaid in a hotel in London many moons ago and I know all the shortcuts when it comes to cleaning. Scary – you bet? Think about that when you stay in the next hotel. Things are not always as they seem. But that is another story…or better yet, read Maid For Death. It’s a Halloween quickie through Ellora’s Cave - out at Halloween. You can learn about an Aussie chambermaid in London running into ghosts and a ghost hunter. Take a squiz at the blurb below....
Maid For Death - released Ocrober 31st 2007
Cassandra Kent has a problem. Two men want her. Fantasy is great, reality can kill you.

One would be lover is a pissed off ghost. Once a year Miles returns on Halloween to kill a maid as an act of vengeance. The other is a dark, sexy Scot who is hunting the ghost. Sebastian plans to make sure the ghost stays dead and buried. Cassandra is the means to do it.
Cassandra is under threat from both men. Both want to have sex with her and both could be the death of her. What's s girl to do?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Ooooh, you wicked woman, Amarinda. I love it! I also would prefer to sleep alone and did so for many years while hubbie snored loud enough to rattle the windows next door. Then he went of and had a sleep study done. He has to use a breathing machine as he has sleep apnea. Now it's like sleeping with a quiet vacumn cleaner next to your head. Geez, what you put up with when you're married. But he comes with a handsome paycheck. And he thinks my books are brilliant so what the hey!