Monday, 4 June 2007

People are funny...

People are funny... don't you think so? They are funny weird, funny ha-ha and funny "back the hell away from me or I'll get a restraining order." There are needy people, annoying people and the worst of all people - the "pity me" people. Don't get me wrong, there are people who endure great horror in their lives - usually these people are strong and admirable and you wonder how the hell they cope. I am not talking about these people. I am talking about the people who try to make you feel sorry for them when their lives are no better or worst than yours or mine. They thrive on being the hard done by. Am I a bitch? Yes, of course I am. But don't you just want to slap people who whine about nothing when there are so many more important issues going on in the world?

Life comes down to choices. I have made some bloody awful choices in my life. I have made some truly stupendous mistakes but I don't whine about them and try to make everyone else pay for them. I drink a bottle of champagne, I eat chocolate, I punch my punching bag or I listen to some "someone done me wrong song" and then I get on with my life. May I suggest the whiners do the same.


anny cook said...

Well, now,it's usually the people who truly have something to complain about that don't. They've accepted that life's a bitch and moved on. Good blog!