Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Thief of Mine - released July 20 2007

I thought I'd drop by with another excerpt from Thief of Mine. You know from the previous blog that it's about a bad boy...hmmm...bad boys yum. To set the scene - Kit (bad boy) and Stella(really wants to be a bad girl) have been running from the bad guys(nasty people) – they hide in a photo booth…remember those?
Read on...

“They seem to have the knack of being everywhere. I suggest we sit here for fifteen minutes or so and then head to the lockers.” The sooner Kit had the idol and Stella out of Roma Street the better.
“You honestly think they won’t look in here, lover boy?”
Stella had her hands on her hips again looking all prissy and Kit wanted her more than ever. Was she aware that by putting her hands on her hip the jacket rode up and he could see the soft skin of her inner thighs and the curls on her pussy? Kit thought. But he wasn’t about to tell her that. Why ruin the show?
“It was either here all the men’s toilets and I know they would look there.” He tapped his thighs again. “Sit down or are you scared, princess?”
“Of you? No.” Of me and what I may do? Hell yes. Stella contemplated her options. Leave the photo booth and beg for train fare home in her half naked state? That seemed not only embarrassing but also possibly something she might get arrested for. Stay with Kit and sit calmly on his lap and avoid having sex with him. It seemed doable to Stella. He could hardly take her in a cramped photo booth where anyone could stick their head in for a look. Though, the possibility of that happening seemed strangely exciting to Stella.
“Come on, princess, I’m not going to bite…unless you want me to.” Kit saw Stella’s eyes narrow warily. “I will be a perfect gentleman and only do what you want me to do.”
Stella would have liked to have said that made her feel so much safer but it didn’t. She had a feeling Kit could make her do all sorts of things she never planned on.
“No funny stuff, right.”
“My word of honor.” Kit only planned on doing exciting stuff.
Stella rolled her eyes at this. She was tired and her feet hurt. Being able to sit down for a couple of minutes would be welcomed. She took a deep breath and sat down on sideways on Kit’s lap. It seemed the safest alternative.
“So what do we do now?” Even saying the words sounded dumb when Kit was looking at her in an “I could be so good for you in an awfully wicked way”. He was sort of like cheesecake but without the calories. Now there was a product worth marketing.
Just knowing Stella was all bare assed sitting on his lap made his cock instantly jut up in excitement. There was no way Kit could let this moment pass him by.
“I know what I want to do.” His hands encircled her waist as his tongue slowly licked the sensitive flesh near Stella’s ear. He loved the taste of this woman.
Stella moaned softly. She could feel the steel rod of his erection poking into her bottom.
“I want to be inside you again, princess. Once was most definitely not enough.” Kit blew against the wet flesh on her neck. The shiver that ran though her body, told him all he needed to know.
“In a photo booth?” Stella gasped, both at the thought of how wrong it would be and yet how good it would feel to have him inside her again. “Are you kidding me?” Though, the thought of having sex with Kit Kincaid with people passing innocently by was actually getting less shocking by the second. But did good girls do that sort of thing? There must be some sort of rule on that? She would have to remember to ask when she next met a good girl she could ask. Though good girls were few and far between these days.
“Why not?” Kit breathed softly into her ear.
Stella closed her eyes for a moment and savored the surge of warmth shooting through her veins. She put her hands on his broad shoulders to steady herself. The man was a drug. And it seemed like a shame to let that long, hard cock prodding insistently into her ass go to waste.
“There’s no privacy and anyone could walk in.” If Stella thought up enough good reasons it may just stop her from having sex with Kit again. That or she would feel better for having at least made an attempt to be good when Kit was once again hot and tight inside her.
“But what’s what makes it so excitingly, princess. It’s that possibility of getting caught.” Kit felt Stella squirm against his lap. He held his breath and counted backward. He wanted to be deep inside her when he came. “Besides the curtain goes to the floor.”
“Oh yeah, that makes a big difference—a flimsy barrier that could be pulled aside easily.” Stella looked down as Kit searched his pockets. Idly, for no real reason of course, she wondered if the Boy Scout had another condom hidden away in one of those pockets. “What are you doing?”
“We might as well take a photo of us while we’re in here.”
“What for?” Strangely enough a photograph of Kit sounded like a good idea. Stella knew she might never see him again after this night. It would be nice to have proof that he had once existed. She could then pull the photo out when her great-nieces and nephews came to visit Crazy Aunt Stella and bore them with stories about a blond haired thief she had once had a wild night of passion with.
“I want to immortalize the moment so to speak.” Kit reached forward and slid coins into the money slot. His hands then went back to Stella, sliding up to her breast, flicking jacket buttons undone as he went

…and stuff happens.


anny cook said...

I like this excerpt even better. When this comes out, I'm gonna get me a baaaad boy.