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Thief of Mine - released July 20 2007

What is it about bad boys that we just cannot get enough of? They instantly attract my attention. I want to be bad with them. Have you ever seen a man and just known, with every hormone in your body, he is the one your mother warned you against and yet you know you just have to take another peek at him? Take another taste of him? Maybe you have the memory of a bad boy. Maybe it's just a wish. That's why I had to write Thief of Mine. The hero Kit Kincaid reminds me of a long ago bad boy. Ah memories...
And what about the cover for Thief of Mine? Is this man delicious or what? Read the blurb and excerpt below and let me know what you think...
Thief of Mine - Amarinda Jones
It's not unusual for the bride to have sex on her wedding day. But when the bride is begging for another man to take her hard and fast in front of a startled bridesmaid that's unusual. Not that Stella Rowallan wanted to watch. She walked in on it and now she can't walk out. The man taking the bride is bad, wild and hot. Stella knows she should be appalled. But she's not. She wants him. What is it was bad boys that make them so damn good?
But all bad boys have a past and Kit Kincaid is no different. He is a self confessed thief who likes to have sex in wild, daring places. And Stella Rowallan is just his type of woman - shockable yet willing. But he has a problem. A freaky witch woman and her followers are chasing him for a stolen stone idol. Kit has it and he plans to sell it. Can he have both Stella and the idol or does something have to give?
Now read have been warned
“Holy crap!!” Stella Rowallan shrieked out loud as she stopped in amazement and took in the scene before. Of all the things she expected to see going on the brides’ room this was not one of them. She expected maybe to see bridesmaids fighting over flowers, possibly the damage of a stiletto heel through a hem, perhaps the bride’s mother rushing around in a panicked frenzy or even something fairly simple like the bride dancing drunkenly after one too many glasses of the champagne that they had opened earlier. None of that would have surprised Stella. She had been to weddings before. She had seen and coped with all that and worse.
However this was different. Stella had not expected to see the bride bent forward over a chair, her white bridal skirts thrown up in wild disarray as a man thrust his cock in and out of her exposed and clearly willing backside, as she screamed at him to go faster and harder. That was unusual. But that really wasn’t the thing that threw Stella the most. It was more that the man who was enthusiastically shagging the bride was not the groom. In fact he was a stranger. A stranger with a muscled, flexing butt directed straight at Stella and seemingly not about to stop what he was doing. How did one cope with that?
Kit Kincaid, the man in question, heard an intruder enter the room but he did not stop as he thrust back and forward into the bride’s ass. Why should he? He was enjoying himself and the bride had all but begged him not to stop. The pleasure between them was mutual. Kit did not care if another person was standing open mouthed and staring at him. As long as it wasn’t the groom of course. It would be hard to explain why he was inside the man’s soon to be wife’s body. The thought of telling the groom that the bride had begged him to fuck her was not a conversation he wanted to have with any man just about to get married. However anyone else could watch. In fact, Kit kind of enjoyed it. He liked to shock people and sensed that the intruder was most definitely shocked.
“Do you want to join in?” Kit turned to look at the intruder, grinning widely at the startled woman who stood behind him, hers eyes on his butt. She was opened mouthed in astonishment and dressed in an ugly pink dress that did not become her, nor probably any other woman on the planet. However, despite the dress she was kind of cute standing there looking all stunned and outraged. Kit Kincaid had a thing for prissy brunettes. And he certainly wasn’t adverse to having an audience or having another woman join in on the action. In fact the thought of it spurred him on and the bride shrieked out loud as he increased his thrusts.
“I… What? No!” Stella as she moved further into the room without realizing what she was doing. She was stunned, mesmerized and amazingly jealous. A definite absence of sex could do that to a woman. Stella was starting to think all sorts of things she knew she shouldn’t but damn it, just watching this man rhythmically thrusting back and forward into the bride was making her hot and aching for action. How could he keep doing that when he had an audience? Did the man have no shame or sense of decorum? Why was he grinning at her as if he was enjoying being found with the bride like this? Did he not care that was taking another man’s woman on their wedding day? The man with the great ass had his trousers around his ankles and his lean, muscular legs tensed with effort as he slammed into the bride who in turn moaned with pleasure. Stella could vaguely remember what that sort of pleasure felt like. Her eyes roamed his hair sprinkled legs and wondered about the size of the cock that was ensconced within the bride. It had to be good to have her howling out loud like that. And that ass, all tensed muscle and…no, better to look at his face. It was a face that commanded attention, strong and angular with dark brown eyes that seemed to bore until Stella as if trying to work her out.
“Do you prefer to watch?’ Kit was amused by the fact the woman was too stunned to react in any way but to stare. Most women would have run out of the room screaming in embarrassment. He was sure this woman probably was meaning to do just that but something was holding her back. Interesting. He believed people’s first reactions were always their most telling. So maybe threesomes weren’t her thing. Maybe she just wanted a man. Kit Kincaid was happy to oblige once he was finished with the bride. “Do you want me to take you hard and fast in the ass as well, princess?”
Stella looked at the man incredulously. Just what was he suggesting? What did he take her for? She wasn’t like that!
“You are a disgusting pig!” Oh sure, he was all that with his great ass and probably amazing cock. But he was also clearly arrogant and he had straw blond hair and she had never liked men with blond hair. That alone was a good, not completely rational, enough reason to dislike him intensely, great ass or not. And, for God’s sake he was fucking the bride of another man! What did that say about him? Like she would ever invite anyone like that to take her! She may have been as horny as all hell but she had her standards.
“Yet you’re still here which tells me you’re either interested in me or in her or you haven’t had sex in a very long time and you are jealous.” Bingo, Kit thought as the woman’s face went red. Oh yeah, he wanted the prissy woman in the ugly pink dress. Her full breasts alone commanded his instant respect and attention.
As if that was why she was in the room watching them! Stella stiffened in realization. Good God, she was still in the room watching them! Stella felt her face blush brightly. This was embarrassing and disgusting and lots of other things she could not even begin to name. She told her feet to move but the signal from her brain was being intercepted by her over active hormones.
Stel…it’s not what it looks like.” The bride moaned in delight as the man behind her slammed into her ass.
Stella looked at the bride’s flushed face. She was wearing white for heaven sake! Wasn’t she even going to make an attempt at purity and abstain long enough to get married to the groom? Did Stella really even know her best friend? Sure, in the past, Simone had been fairly wild and reckless when it came to men and sex. But this behaviour was not the slightest bit appropriate on her wedding day with the groom in another part of the church. Oh good god! That’s right, they were in a church! That made it even worse. Stella wasn’t the slightest bit religious but she knew this scenario had the makings of a one way ticket to hell.
Stella held her hand up to forestall any explanations. It was none of her business what or who the bride did.
“I don’t want to know, Simone. I’m leaving the room.”
The bride screamed out loud in release.
“Way too much information…” Stella mumbled to herself as she hurried out. She had to get out before she did something dumb like beg the blond man for a turn.
And lots of stuff happens...


anny cook said...

ah, yes! We all need a bad boy once in a while. And that cover guy is a realllly bad boy.