Thursday, 28 June 2007

Where is Jack Bauer when you need him?

We have been in a state of uncertainty at work. While this doesn’t bother me as it gives me time to write, it is stressing out those around me which makes it hard for me to concentrate on my writing. So, being the proactive soul that I am, I flat out asked management in the office what the bloody hell was going on. The answer? “You will know on Monday.” What sort of half arsed answer is that when I asked the question on a Wednesday? What will we know on Monday? We will be sacked? We are no longer getting the monogrammed work shirts or the really bad news – we are moving away from the coffee shop that makes excellent bucket-o’-coffee? That would be tragic!

But no, none of those things if you can believe a man who smirks at me as he says “just wait and see.” Is it just me or do men do intrigue really badly? All men but Jack Bauer in 24 that is. Is there nothing Jack Bauer cannot do? I am sure he would not be pissing us around with pseudo cryptic comments. He would just say in a low sexy voice – “There is a chance the world will end Monday but I can save you Amarinda even though I will get terribly wounded and lose the love of my life - I will save both you and the world.” Jack is the man. Anyway in lieu of “Jack” like men at work, I went back to my office. My assistant is stressing out over the whole thing and does a lot of putting her head on the desk and keening in a low disturbing way. Luckily I am very good at being deaf when I want to be. Anyway as soon as I sat down I got a call from the big boss interstate. Hmmm? Coincidence? I think not. He started off with “You know you can talk to me any time.” Which is code for “stop annoying management on site.” I told him I was well aware I could ring him but would he tell me anything? I got the standard “You’ll know on Monday”. Then when he realized I was not going to be fobbed off with that he tried flattery. His attempts to sway me with words of praise (no, he does not know I write books in work time. That’s a surprise for later) were probably a 4 out of 10 effort and resolved nothing.

So Monday is that day. God only knows what will happen. All I know is Monday I always dress in black as I am mourning the loss of the weekend and that I will stagger in with a bucket- o’-coffee and wait for the “announcement.” I hope it is going to be worth all the drama. I plan to take notes for the next book.

Thief of Mine – released 20th July 2007

It's not unusual for the bride to have sex on her wedding day. But when the bride is begging for another man to take her hard and fast in front of a startled bridesmaid that's unusual. Not that Stella Rowallan wanted to watch. She walked in on it and now she can't walk out. The man taking the bride is bad, wild and hot. Stella knows she should be appalled. But she's not. She wants him. What is it with the bad boys that make them so damn good?
But all bad boys have a past and Kit Kincaid is no different. He is a self confessed thief who likes to have sex in wild, daring places. And Stella Rowallan is just his type of woman - shockable yet willing. But he has a problem. A freaky witch woman and her followers are chasing him for a stolen stone idol. Kit has it and he plans to sell it. Can he have both Stella and the idol or does something have to give?


Kelly Kirch said...

Holy Cow, Amarinda! I swear I would have spit out my bucket-o-coffee had I been swilling any. I think it was the disturbing keening of your assistant, or the perfect capture of our man Jack. Have you noticed he says everything in a whisper? And despite the chaos around him, he is always heard. I'd like that superpower.

anny cook said...

Black Monday, eh? Well, in that case maybe you should try red, just to give the rest of the office a heads up or warning.