Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Blame it on the moon

Life is funny isn’t? I walked into work this morning and everyone seemed to be having some sort of crisis except me. Naturally I was jealous as I can be quite the drama queen and felt I was missing out on something. Was there an office memo I did not read? Was ‘come in and have a crisis day’ listed with the office birthdays for that week? I calmly walked to my office and nodded politely to my assistant who may have said ‘eat dirt and die’ in a soft demonic voice (not sure on that one) then I sat down. It was then I realized we had just come out of a full moon. Don’t believe in crazy power of the full moon? It exists.

In one of the many jobs I turned up at for the pay packet, I used to work in a call centre. You know, the operator who sounds really caring as you tell her how much the phone company she works for sucks and all the time she is really just sitting there painting her fingernails? That was me and no, silly I was just there to get paid – and yes, I already knew the company sucked. When there is a full moon and you are a battery hen call centre operator taking call after call you believe in lunar madness. This is the time when people feel the need to ring in and try to shock a call centre operator. By the way it’s not possible. When I was doing the battery hen gig no amount of obscene sexual talk, swear, crying, threatening to kill or demonic incantations over the line would upset me – I would still go “uh huh and when are you paying your bill?” And a good call centre operator already has a list of the full moon dates tacked to the side of their computer. They’ve heard it all before so don’t waste your time.

And the point of this is Amarinda? The point is I write from experience. Read any of my books (all fabulous) and you’ll see that because let’s face it, real life people are the best characters. Look around your office, your home, the outside street – characters abound. As for work tomorrow, I am prepared to throw a tantrum at a moments notice.


anny cook said...

You must have lasted longer than I did. I think I made it through two days before I was "let go."

And you're right about the people around us. I try to put them in every book.