Friday, 29 June 2007

Patience thy name is not Amarinda

I just finished doing a bunch of edits for Shades of Gray that will be released early 2008. It is about vampires, love and sex. The sequel Marlow’s Curse is about a vampire, a witch and a demon – and yes there is love and sex – all the good stuff. Anyway off sex and back to edits…my Editor has the patience of a saint. No truly. I drive the woman mad and yet she accepts it with Zen- like calm. I would slap me if I was her. I am crap at formatting, I forget to spell in American and I cannot hyphenate worth a damn. My editor (best on the planet – no seriously, would I lie to you?) often has to point out to me when I am writing sex scenes that it might be a good idea for the characters I write to actually have sex in a bed instead in a lift, a photo booth, a limo, a graveyard etc. Horizontal sex you say? Hmm…yes, that could work in a book and I will give it some thought I say to her. To my Editor I say you are a Queen among women….is that enough sucking up?

I got emailed an internet puzzle game today by someone I work with. My colleague was doing nothing at work and just assumed I would be doing stuff all as well. Yes, I could have been offended by this assumption but as it was correct it seemed to be a waste of time going off into a hissy fit (Aussie for getting upset) over it. Anyway I looked at the puzzle and scanned the instructions and closed it. Unlike my Editor I have no patience what so ever and I never read instructions. Why? Because I think I know everything and ninety percent of the time I do and the other ten percent is someone else’s fault. Added to that I suck at puzzles. You know the ones – “a man is on a train that is going sixty miles an hour over dry land. It will cross two bridges and stop for five minutes at three towns picking up six parcels and eighteen passengers. What color is the man’s underwear?” Who cares is my answer. Yes, I am an impatient, smart arse know it all – and yet I love me. I did send the puzzle to the ladies of the Frogspond, the elite writing group I belong to. Why? Well to share of course or was it a fiendish plan to slow their writing down? Hmmm…as if I would do that.
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anny cook said...

Nothing funny here. I agree that we have the best editor on the planet. Hopefully, she believes we're worth the aggravation.

As for the puzzle, you witch!...I sent it on to my husband and it is now keeping him busy and happy and out of my hair so that I can write in peace so your plan is doomed. Doomed I say!

anny cook said...

PS I hated those math questions!

Kelly Kirch said...

Curses! Curses, I say. That darned blox game is driving nuts to the point I imagine a rolling blox with each email I scroll to.

Love the cover art and the editor. She is fabulous in every way and I am so glad I'm not the only one with formatting issues. I don't have the horizontal problem. But she did have to point out that my hero might want to remove his pants before getting busy. Sigh. I had left his pants not only on, but front closed. Makes it a titch complicated, yes?

Kelly Kirch said...

Where's the maid thing? Don't see it.