Thursday, 10 July 2008

Ah, sweet fantasy...

Knock Three Times – released July 18 through Ellora’s Cave

“You’re the guy who has been robbing houses.” Oh that smile. Down girl. The hungry look he gave her made Montie’s eyes snap open with surprise. Oh God. That was the look she craved. It was the one that she wanted from Adam—the I-am-going-to-fuck-you until-you-faint-with-pleasure look. It got her right between the legs. She closed her thighs tightly together to avoid temptation. “You won’t get anything here.”
“Won’t I?” He chuckled lightly.
Uh-oh, I am in trouble. He wanted her. Blind Freddie could see that and every fiber of her being wanted to hand him whatever piece of her he desired.
“I’m going to call the cops.” Yes, that was it. Stop drooling and call for help. Montie backed away from him and into the spare room that housed sundry crap like a never used treadmill, a pool table and a cordless phone.
“Go ahead, call them.” Ballantyne followed her into the other room. “Or call the guy downstairs to come up and defend your honor.”
“I know how to defend myself.” Well Montie didn’t exactly but she had read about aiming for the eyes, throat and groin. It seemed like a pity to aim for such areas of attraction. Maybe she would just stomp her spike heel into his foot.
“I’d like to see your moves, chère.”
Sexy and confident. Just the way she liked them. She looked at him quizzically. Why
aren’t I frightened of him? Because your hormones are on red alert for incoming penis. God! Get a grip woman!
“Get out of my—” Montie stopped and thought back to what he said. “What do you mean it’s him? Were you watching us?” Great, her embarrassment at Adam’s obvious rejection of her was witnessed by another. Perfect. I am woman. Watch me crumble with embarrassment.
“Actually, I was watching you.” Ballantyne’s locked eyes with hers. “You are incredibly sexy, chère. You can hop on board and ride me any day.”

So, I got this phone call last night from a male friend…

R – Is this the famous erotic romance writer Amarinda Jones (said in a very husky, sexy voice)
A – Why yes it is
R – I want to come over to your house and do what you wrote on page 16 and 74.
A – All by yourself? That may be difficult and yet interesting to see.
R – No, with you.
A – Hmmm…it’s a bit cold…but I suppose so…what about page 92?
R – What’s on page 92???
A – Read, research and we’ll talk.

I have an unlisted number so I know whoever rings – like R - is a relative or friend. I have some very odd friends but I love ‘em. They keep me sane. This brings me to the topic of privacy. How much does it mean to you? It means a lot to me. I don’t like being bothered by telemarketers or people I don’t like, finding my phone number, then deciding they’ll ring to see if they can get some ‘free books.’ Ah…no.

As per the R example, I don’t want odd people tracking me down and ringing me and wanting to do what R was suggesting – crazy man. Yes, writing books puts you in a very limited spotlight but like everything I think you need to have boundaries. Fantasy is one thing but reality another. Knock Three Times has the heroine falling in love with a man she thinks is a bad boy. Male Me (below) has another heroine faced with making love to two men. Should she? Could she?

So fantasy is not always reality. Would I do anything of these things? Hmm…would you? What is your fantasy and what boundaries would you cross? Game to say?

Male Me – ménage - released August – can’t remember the date - at Resplendence Publishing

“What exactly is it you want?” It was a dumb question but Delaware felt she had to ask it.
“You.” Speed smiled at her surprise.
“Any way we can,” Templeton added.
Delaware looked from one man to the other. Was this seriously happening to her? Two Greek gods wanted her? She pinched her arm. Nope, she was awake. She leaned towards Speed and sniffed.
“Are you drunk?” That could be the only reason.

He laughed out loud at her question.
“We’re both deadly sober and completely serious, darlin,’” Templeton responded as his hand slid under the table to rest on her thigh.
Two men wanted her. It was the ultimate female fantasy. Delaware would have been lying to herself if she did not admit that turned her on. She was wet with need just thinking about it. But how could she? It was against every rule in the good girl handbook. Not that she knew where her copy was, but she was sure it was written there in black and white.
“I’m not that desperate.” Horny, she was sure, was different than desperate.
Speed moved in even closer, so their hips and thighs connected.
“So why are you here, princess?” His voice was low and deadly sexy.
Good question. What was the answer again? Who could think clearly with all this body heat surrounding her? Delaware knew the shiver that shot through her body could be felt by both of them.
“To show you I’m not scared of you.” She was trembling but it wasn’t in fright.
“Liar.” Under the table, Templeton’s hands moved up her thigh, his eyes never leaving hers while he sought what he was after.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Sandra Cox said...

Great cover!Wishing you many sales, July 18th:).

Mona Risk said...

Great excerpt for Knock Three Times. I'll order this book. Did someone really call you with these requests? Wow.

Regina Carlysle said...

Love George and Hugh. Yum. Congrats on the release. I'm picking Knock Three Times up on your release day. Along with Anny's Kama Sutra Lovers and Cindy's Heart of the Bear. Already KNOW, I won't get much writing done. I'll be too busy reading.

Anny Cook said...

Excellent, excellent excerpts! Heh. So far the house hunk is the only one that wants to try out anything. The rest of 'em just stare and wonder.

Amarinda Jones said...

Yes Mona...he's a odd, dear friend but they are the best kind

barbara huffert said...

I want to be Delaware.

Jacquéline Roth said...

My dear if the bad boy looked like Hugh Jackman, sign me up. I could give being a bad girl a shot. And if it was two guys that looked like him...I'm there.