Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Tuesday Rant…

I just heard on the radio that after 25 years after sexual harassment was ‘officially’ outlawed in the work place that women still report being harassed. Am I surprised? Nope. I hear it all the time. And who needs their arse kicked over this? Sure the men who do the harassing do but as they have their brains in their pants that would just cause them brain damage. No – it’s the women who put up with it. I don't care how much you want to get to the top in the work place, putting up with that crap from some Neanderthal of a man is just plain stupid. If you want to sell your soul and your dignity to have a brass plate on an office door with your name on it then you have to consider what your soul is worth. If it’s putting up with unwanted groping or ridiculous sexual innuendo then I suggest your soul needs some work.

On this topic – I ripped the head off yet another man for calling a woman a ‘big girl’ due to her size. Do men honestly believe calling a woman a ‘big girl’ is acceptable? But then think about it – calling a man a ‘big boy’ has a cheekiness, a comraderie about it. Yet ‘big girl’ to me sounds like some patronizing load of twaddle from an insincere and juvenile man who thinks that’s a politically correct way to describe a woman. Bull shit. Is looking a man in the groin and calling him 'small balled' an acceptable PC thing to call someone? I think not – but then women have more sense. Wanna’ piss me off? Call another woman a big girl in my presence and watch out.

Another thing that had me shaking my head this morning – it has taken years to extradite this pretend doctor from the US to Australia to face charges regarding the deaths of his patients. So, after spending mega tax payer bucks, they finally get him here to Brisbane yesterday. The victims and their support groups are relieved but hey – not for long because some dumb arsed judge gives the ‘doctor’ bail. Oh yeah…you can see he’s going to stick around can’t you? He skipped once because he could not face up to what he did so how is a second time any different? Yeah – real smarts there.

Speaking of judges, a convicted paedophile goes back to court today. This habitual predator’s last trial was quashed as some dipstick of a judge felt he could not be ‘tried fairly’ as people think he is lower than pond scum. Well, that’s just wrong – we don’t thinkwe know and I believe some judges need to find their qualifications other than in a cereal box.

Australian Big Brother finished forever (supposedly) last night. Thank god. It has become a painful franchise. I will admit I watched the first Big Brother years ago as it was new and fresh. Now it’s become painful and dumb. Reality TV – who’s frigging reality or is it reality as we are being told it should be? Do we really care what a bunch of whiny twenty somethings believe the world should be and how hard done by they are when they don’t get alcohol, their douff-douff music and junk food in the house? Care factor? Negative 12.

There is something else I would love to say but only common courtesy makes me hold my tongue. As my grandma Elsie would have said…"Oh what I would like to say…” However I will say that this same courtesy did not apply to the person that said some childish, school yard taunts about another. If reverting to school yard bullying is the best you’ve got I suggest you learned stuff all at school and weeping and wailing to me that no one ‘understands’ your ‘sense of humour’ will get you nowhere.

‘Love a good rant….got hormones? Use 'em. Tuesday Rant over…

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barbara huffert said...

Most excellent rant AJ. And I couldn't agree more! But perhaps staring at crotches and making a "tiny" comment would make insensitive men think before speaking? Nah, probably not.

Sandra Cox said...

I hate reality TV.
Love the way you're going to be doing your contest.
As always, great blog.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Yeah, Barb, but it could be fun, nonetheless. And I'm convinced that some judges simply feel their countenance is so awe-inspiring and earth-shattering that no measly criminal would dare to flout them...probably a man.

Regina Carlysle said...

I detest reality shows. I'm ready for them to just GO AWAY. Sexual harrassment is sooo wrong and these guys need to get over themselves. Women have the right to work in an environment free of this BS. Great rant!

Anny Cook said...

Great rant! Haven't watched TV in two or three years... but did watch a couple Survivors way back when. Whine, bitch, whine... Ick!

I wish they would bring back Laugh-In.

Sexual harassment? Been there, done that, have the t-shirt...and HE doesn't have a job.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for the label.