Thursday, 31 July 2008

Thursday stuff...

I was sitting on the sofa last night thinking about something, wondering what to do – or more importantly what I wanted to do. I had a glass of fine Aussie Chardonnay in my hand. Aussies rule in everything – wine included. Am I biased? Hell yeah baby. I love Australia. The wine glass in my hand was one that Katie, one of my best friends who I have know for a thousand years, had given me. I say a thousand, because don’t you feel like there are people you have known forever? These are people I consider my clan. They are not related by blood but if needed they would do the impossible for you– as you would for them. Anyway, for whatever reason, I pressed the base of the wine glass I had in my hand and it lit up this bright florescent colour. I laughed my arse off. Why had I never noticed this before? I have a whole set of these glasses. Hmmm...maybe I don’t drink enough wine. Anyway, my point is, and I do have one, I believe sometimes in life you don’t notice things until you have to or need to. I needed a laugh and there it was. I am a great believer in synchronicity. Okay, so a wine glass that lights up is a weird kind of sign but it made me think about those people who are important to me – and what is actually important.

Yeah, I know what a real clan is considered. My grandfather was a full blown, Highland Scot from Wick in Scotland. Its blood/ancestral relationship. But I think it also means more than that. To me a clan member is someone who stands by you regardless of what dumb thing you may have done. These are the people who will lie their arses off to help you after one frantic phone call. Who above all else can you turn to and know they will support you or tell you the truth as no other person would? And it’s a reciprocal deal. That’s the thing - clan membership is an important, unspoken bond. You do for them as they for you.

So, I have a set of wine glasses that light up – who knew? More importantly I am reminded once more of unbreakable ties and what’s important and who and what is not. The rest is dross.

Off on a tangent….a couple of weekends ago, I decided to do some running repairs on the front stairs of my house. The house is north facing and the wooden stairs face the west. The western sun is a killer. The steps are old and the weather affects the wood. Anyone who has an old house and does renovations is now nodding their head in understanding. Anyway, I sauntered out, paint scraper and sandpaper in hand. I tapped on one of the steps. They're probably 60 years old I guess. It was okay, as was the next step. The third step was interesting. The knife sunk into the wood. Uh-oh. On further investigation I immediately roped the stairs off. Although they are solid to walk on - dry rot is affecting spots on them. Bugger. So I am up for new steps. It's always something isn't it? Though there is a bright side. No one has been able to use the front door so no visitors and no religious types wanting me to join the church of whiz-bangery. The other bright side is I have noticed how nice it is to walk around the side of the house to the back. I sweated one summer sinking in all these hardwood steeping stones into the ground. So, there’s the bright side to life on this chilly winter arvo….and I have wine glasses that lights up…life is surreal.

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Sandra Cox said...

Clan. I like that. Well put.
We've got the timbered steps. Unfortunately, the carpenter ants have decided they make wonderful meals so they will have to be replaced. sigh. And they're tiered, built into each other. sigh.

Anny Cook said...

I like your definition of clan. I, too, have a clan, with a nice core but it expands to take in new members.

I would love to see those wine glasses. They sound like something the house hunk would have great fun with.

Our deck on our last house also faced west and rotted... had to be replaced. I wish we had had a nice walk to use to get to the back door.

Keep warm! Spring is coming!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Roping off the front door to fend off those selling things you don't want is bloody brilliant--will have to consider it even though the steps aren't old!

Anika Hamilton said...

Good luck with the repairs.

The glasses and you clan sound really neat.

Regina Carlysle said...

I WANT your wine glasses. Can only imagine how fun it would be to watch the lights as you get good and BUZZED.

I don't have a clan but like to think my friends are THERE. I'm sure they are. It's a nice feeling.

barbara huffert said...

Yes, the collected clan can be the best sometimes.