Tuesday, 8 July 2008

What cost a soul?

“Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world... but for Wales?” –- Man for All Seasons

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you can taste it? If you were offered something to let go of your beliefs, would you take it and worry about the consequences later? Would you sacrifice the good name or opinion of a loved one to get what you want? What is acceptable when it comes to achieving your goals do you think?

So who are you? No really…who are you as a person? Do you try and be yourself or do you think it’s safer to fit in with everyone else? Do you avoid saying what you think because someone may dislike you for your opinions or do you remain true to your beliefs and try not to sell you soul to be popular? Do you want something so much that you will go for it and worry what happens later?

Wow…lots of questions huh? I am rabbiting/pontificating on about soul selling. Someone just did it recently and it fascinated me what they did to get what they wanted. I was unsurprised and yet appalled at their actions. They so desperately wanted something that they were prepared to go against everything I thought they believed in to get it. But there, I should not have made a judgment as to who I thought they were as I was wrong. Lesson learnt on judgment and them. I believe ambition and greed are okay up to a point but I have to wonder what the cost is when you cross a line into soul selling territory. Do you know? Have you done something so against your beliefs that you were annoyed with yourself later?

What do you think your soul is? There are all sorts of touchy-feely ideas out there but my thoughts are that it is the essence of who you are as a human being – what you will and will not do and what you will compromise to reach your goals.

But that’s me. I won’t sell my soul. I suspect I won't reach any great heights as I’m not for sale. Am I better than any one else? Some I am - others I am not. I just set my limits of what I will and will not do. Don’t get me wrong. I come from a family of people who would have lined up for more beside Oliver at the orphanage with a bowl out. We always want more but soul selling isn’t part of our repertoire. That’s not to say I think badly of the overly greedy and ambitious. They do what they have to in order get by. It’s an interesting concept isn’t it? What do you think?

There is no easy or quick plan to happiness, there is no single spot where you can start. Where you are right now is the best place to begin. Be careless in your dress if you must, but keep a tidy soul -- Mark Twain.

Tuesday update -

- wrote 2000 words at work
had to – seriously - rate myself as an employee. I considered myself excellent and marked the sheet accordingly.
-discussed, by email, the merits of oranges compared to mandarins as easy fruit to eat at your work desk with best friend Ethel. Had to agree mandarins are easier but we decided strawberries are really the idea desk fruit.
- ate no rubbish - yay me...ugly day works - refer yesterday's blog.
- not surprised by 2 things –
1. Aussies are already calling Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s kid Sunday Roast.
2. Keith Urban is a Queenslander so Queenslanders are talking up the fact the baby is half Queenslanderas we do.

Interesting comments about last blog - yes, I do own a set of scales. No, I think what you weigh or how you look is irrelevant or if it is relevant it's only because it's important to you alone - no one else. Do I care what people think of me? No. I choose to try and remain healthy. I own scales and weigh myself ‘cause I want to.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

'Cause you want to, now that I understand.

Nope, my soul isn't for sale either. As I see it, popularity is highly overrated. Better to have a select few real friends.

Sandra Cox said...

Well, you have me curious about who sold their soul.

Molly Daniels said...

Just saw on the news the kid's name is Sunday Rose. What is it with celebs and odd names?

Katie Reus said...

The only thing I've ever wanted so badly I could 'taste it' is to be published, but I'd never sell anyone out to do that. Writing is part of who I am and if I sacrificed who I am to get there, then I wouldn't be myself anymore. Make sense?

I'm very comfortable in my skin so I don't have a problem being myself or saying what I think. However, I do have tact. Just b/c I think something about someone or a situation, if the timing is inappropriate or if I'd truly hurt someone's feelings needlessly, I use common sense.

Btw, there's nothing wrong w/ owning a scale, at least not IMHO. Weight is a personal thing and if someone doesn't feel good about themselves then they should do something about it. It has nothing to do w/ fitting in, but feeling good in your own skin. Just my 2 cents.

Anny Cook said...

Interesting blog. Every person has their own line in the sand which they will not cross. The reasons that might compel them to cross that line are often hidden or even incomprehensible to someone on the outside. One can never know shat another person is feeling or what pressures they are enduring.

And old saying... you can't know how my feet feel until you walk a mile in my shoes.

LynTaylor said...

LOL! Sunday Roast. Well, I'm guessing it won't be Lamb roast ;) ;)