Thursday, 3 July 2008

Pushing Fate....

I got a new cover today from the Cover Gods. I asked the head Cover God for permission to post it. I used ‘pretty please’ and the Cover God agreed. See? Pretty please does it every time and Cover Gods are benevolent. It’s for a book called Pushing Fate. It’s under my other name. Why? Very long story. But chopping it down for blog purposes…I started to write this story with different named characters aimed at another publisher. But after much thought I realized I was not happy with this other publisher – that happens – so I changed the characters and wrote this story that did not have continuous sex in it. Who thought I could do that? And yes it does have sex in it but I decided to aim it as Cerridwen Press, the sister of Ellora’s Cave. Yes, I write for both but predominantly EC. So that’s the condensed version of the story. It’s naturally more messy and angst ridden than that but it’s all too tiring for that on a Thursday. But I will add that I did swear some, stamped my feet a bit and slapped by forehead a lot giving myself a headache.

What is the book about? Hmmm…I wrote several blurbs at work recently and Pushing Fate was one. Well, what else is work time for? It’s not an approved blurb so don’t commit it to memory….

Ainslie Croft is a dreamer. The problem is her dreams aren’t pleasant. Ghosts haunt her asking for help. When she crashes into a dream where one man is running from her and another towards her, Ainslie knows her life is about to change forever. But can she overcome her emotional and physical scars to let anyone into her life?

Ramsay Balfour is a man on a mission. He has to find an evil necromancer and destroy his power. Ramsay also plans to seduce Ainslie back into the land of the living by teaching her how to love again.

On to other things…

I was asked today what I considered were my top 6 talents. Oh crap…I don’t know…can you answer that straight away without thinking? I gave –

1. The Vulcan hand salute
2. Walking really fast
3. My patented death stare when someone annoys me
4. The ability to remove a champagne cork without spilling any liquid
5. Touching my toes – actually the ground if I want to be a total smart arse.
6. Doing the splits. (No really, I can)

Okay so none of these went down really well because I was supposed to relate them back to where these particular talents would lead me in life. Hmmm…unless I have to deal with a Vulcan who walks fast and drinks champagne and likes a flexible woman who can give an
excellent cold stare, I’m not going to get anywhere much in life. Why do people persist in asking deep and meaningful questions about what you see as the purpose of your life? I don’t know what it is yet. Yes, I am 44 but I am still making it up as I go along. The direction meanders this way and that and I really blame it all on fate. This, by the way, is not an answer the asker wants to hear. I think you are supposed to say stuff like – I want to be a better person by working my guts out for the company, staying back late and not writing book blurbs at work or sneaking out early. Why do people need to know this stuff about you anyway? Why can’t they just pay you and let you be? It’s most annoying.

I got a really nice letter from a reader telling me how much they liked the characters in Shades of Gray and Marlow’s Curse. These are two, very non-typical vampire books where the

characters follow on from one book to another. The reader
asked was I going to write another follow on book with these characters. Yes, there will be only because I have had so many similar letters asking me the same thing – a good thing to happen to a writer. People particularly like Temperance – who is anything but temperate. She is part drama queen, part shy/good girl with the courage of a warrior and the finesse of an elephant. She is flawed and average and I think people identify with that. So, watch this space…Temperance, Asher, Sybylla and Marlow will make another appearance.

A Knock Three Times moment…released 18th July through Ellora’s Cave

You said it, I suck at painting toes.” He hoisted up her shirt until her breasts were exposed. “But sucking can be good when it comes to some things, chère.” His mouth descended on one taut, pink nipple.
“You suck so well.” Montie struggled to pull the t-shirt off over her head. She did not want to lose contact with Ballantyne’s mouth but she did not want to be strangled by cotton knit. As she flung the t-shirt off she managed to roll
them both off the sofa and onto the carpet below. “Ouch,” she moaned as she hit the floor, her head cushioned by the bag of chips that split open on impact, sending the contents scattering. Montie was impressed that Ballantyne was so dedicated to his task that he did not lose suction for a moment however his elbow did slam down hard into the packet of Tim Tams crushing them. That was just wrong. “Um, Tyne.”
Ballantyne looked up from his task, his hands now busily removing her shorts.
“Yes, chère?” he pulled back from her and wrenched them down her legs.
“You’re crushing my Tim Tams.”
Ballantyne threw back his head and laughed.
“Well we can’t have that.” He stopped what he was doing and removed his elbow. He gently placed the Tim Tams on the sofa cushions then went back to his task.
“How chivalrous.” You had to love a man who had his priorities right.
**Tim Tams = heavenly chocolate cream biscuilts/cookies
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


LynTaylor said...

Oooh .. Pushing Fate sounds more like my cup of tea. I'm off to have a squiz. Is it available yet?

Anny Cook said...

Oh, wow! I'm so glad Knock Three Times is coming out with mine. I'll have something great to read. Viva la Tim Tams!!!

Anika Hamilton said...

I love the cover for Pushing Fate.

No matter what you say, the asker of deep questions is never satisfied. I think they already have an answer in mind for what they want you to say. Maybe when someone asks you a deep question next time, you should ask them what they want the answer to be so you can finally get it right.


Regina Carlysle said...

The Pushing Fate cover is beautiful and the story sounds like it's right up my alley. So happy you and Anny have the same release date. Only have to use my card ONCE that day. Can't wait for both of these.

barbara huffert said...

I do so love that cover!

I also love your answers. Amazing how similar we are. Don't you enjoy the look you get when you prove you really can out your palms flat on the floor? Personally, I consider that a great talent to possess.