Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Day 3 – mid week - Wednesday...

…there is light at the end of the tunnel. The weekend can be glimpsed. Yay. One thing - thanks to everyone who is emailing me with answers to the contest. I can see chocolate and hot romance books are a huge turn on. Only problem is, bless your cottons socks, the contest does not start until Friday July 18 so while the answers you have given are very imaginative and possibly difficult to perform without a trampoline - they are not correct. Do you know why? Because Anny and I will put the answers on our websites on July 18th. So hold fire until then.

The things I did today…

- drank way, way too much coffee.
- discussed with a sales rep at work what you would spend lotto winnings on. They weren’t sure. I rattled off a list. "You have given this some thought." Oh hell yeah, baby.
- I called my health insurance provider to make sure I was covered for a day admission to the local hospital - nothing exciting. Anyway the guy said is it liposuction? Did I sound like I needed liposuction? Do I sound fat over the phone? Were my things rubbing noisily together? He said he had spent all day explaining to people liposuction was not covered. Seriously? All day? Yes. He apologized for jumping to that conclusion. I told him I had watched an X-Files episode years ago that cured me of ever wanting my fat sucked out of my thighs by a long tube. He said he wished that there were more people like me…scary thought that.
-bought groceries on the way home. I could only think of milk and soda water (I don’t like sweet drinks. I’m sweet enough…don’t do the eye roll thing) to buy. I am sure there is something else…oh well…maybe food…hhmmmm
- discussed with best friend Ethel how to get the lid off a ten litre can of paint - it's one of the new-fangled lids paint manufacturers are using to torture us with. She in turn discussed with her husband and he in turn gave a male answer neither of us could understand so I have decided to apply female logic and an axe to the paint can.
- chatted with writers about covers and what makes one crap. Is naked good? Does it sell? Should you screw yourself up with angst over a cover? How long is a piece of string?
- trash-talked with ex-colleague at Promptel via email – always fun. I make a point of asking if Pee Wee, the manager there, is still short and obnoxious. Why? Because he was and is an arrogant prick to the battery hens who answer the phones in the call centre and I hope he reads the emails.
- oh, and yeah…did some work to keep my hand in.

Okay, I have a problem…"my name is Amarinda and I am hooked on Vista Print."
Hello Amarinda
I swear I have become a Vista Print junkie. I love the free stuff - and yeah, I know nothing is free but when I gazinter in the shipping costs for the free stuff it is excellent value. What is ‘gazinter’? Did you never watch The Beverley Hillbillies on TV? Jethro called adding anything up ‘gazintering’ - this goes into that. And yes of course, Vista Print knows I am hooked as they keep sending me free stuff emails and my hand shakes as I open them because I know what’s inside and I need the hit man. Sure, I know someone is now going to tell me a horror story about Vista Print. Bring it on. Try and make me go cold turkey but it would have to be good to knock back their free t-shirts which are fantabulous for advertising

I have the itchiest feet at the moment. I have the overwhelming urge to change jobs. What would that be? Job 30? It has more to do with me than the job. It's average, it's boring and frankly I am not.
Yes, I am terribly modest but one must champion oneself. I can do the job in half a day when it took the previous person 2 days to do stuff. I'm bored and boredom turns to other thoughts. I keep saying to myself what the hell do you want? My answer to me is shut up and go away and stop asking deep and meaningful questions because I don’t know, you big drama queen. Yes, I talk to myself quite a bit. Generally I find myself incredibly logical. Do you do that or are you more sensible? And more importantly when you chat to yourself, do you get the right answers?

A Knock Three Times moment…released August 18th through Ellora’s Cave

Montie made it to the bathroom and slammed the door and locked it. The slide bolt was flimsy and she knew it would take only a minute for him to kick it in if the front door was anything to go by. She scrambled over the sink and grabbed a can of Adam’s deodorant. Non-allergenic? Fuck that. Montie chucked that one and picked up one of her own. All day protection. Yep, that’s what she needed right now. She also picked up her fingernail scissors. They were small but sharp. Just like her.

The Amarinda and Anny Contest

What could be better than kicking back with a good book? Winning two books - one from Amarinda Jones – Knock Three Times and one from Anny Cook – Kama Sutra Lovers. Fantastic. You want more? Be the envy of all with two hand made hair piks to adorn your locks. But wait – there’s even more! How about munching on a delicious care pack of Aussie treats? One lucky reader will win all of this. How do you win this fantastic prize? Go to and and answer an easy question -

If trapped on a deserted island what two things could Anny and Amarinda not live without? The answers can be found on the websites. As soon as you have them email with your answers – there will be 4 in all.

The contest starts 18th July and closes midnight 23rd July 2008 (USA EST). The first correct entry drawn at random will win the prize. Good luck.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Uh oh. An axe and a paint can. Put it in a tub first so you can still use the paint. Or are you going for a new look, say hacked to death splatter?

Hm, what's the job for you?

Sandra Cox said...

What's are you going in the hospital for, missy?

Anika Hamilton said...

I talk to myself all the time. It is fun getting those strange looks from people who act as if I've lost a few screws. Unfortunately, I don't always get the right answers or agree with them. Go figure!

Molly Daniels said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Vista Print junkie:) I wish they would offer more free pens than just one at a time, though...

Had me worried there for a moment...thought I'd misread the contest start date, and was way behind! Whew!

And...what's up with the hospital stay?

Unknown said...

I too am a Vista Print addict. I have so many postcards, business cards, and address labels I will never have to buy them again. I will of course, but I don't necessarily HAVE to.

I hope everything is okay.


Anny Cook said...

Heh. What an exciting day you had! What color paint? Because depending on color you could get some interesting effects.

Ahhhhh Vista Print. I have some cool t-shirts I sent to my daughters for Christmas. Yes, free and advertising are good!

Enjoy your overnight stay at the hospital--not. They'll just come in and wake you up every couple of hours!

Regina Carlysle said...

Hospital visits aren't fun but they DO make you appreciate your own bed. Are you okay?

I loooove Vista print. I get a gazillion emails a day from them. Reminds me I need to order more crap.