Saturday, 12 July 2008

Pot shots…

I put the fear of god into to the boy next door last night. What happened? I came home from work and was writing my blog when I heard the kid next door laughing as dumb-arsed teenage boys do. I reckon he’s probably 16. Anyway I was writing away and I heard these sounds like shots pinging off various things. My first thought was ‘wanker’. Teenage boys are just plain nitwits aren’t they? What goes on in their heads? Anyway, I heard these various cracking sounds like projectiles hitting stuff next door. I was about to get up and see what was going on when one of them smacked into my window where I was sitting. I looked at the window. It’s not broken but there is what looks like a bullet hole in the pane. The sound of laughter stopped, followed by running feet. Riiiight…time to feel the wrath of Amarindawarrior woman.

I stomped over to next door. Their snapping ball of fur, started barking its dumb fool head off. “Shut up!” I commanded. The dog whimpered and was instantly silent. Smart dog. I knocked on the door. The kid came to the door doing this really innocent look. Puh-lease - I perfected that

innocent look years ago so there is no point trying to use it on me. I asked to speak to his parents. Turns out his parents weren’t home. Big surprise. I don’t know these people. They keep to themselves and that’s fine by me. I explained to the kid about the window. He blithered out some half arsed it-wasn’t-me-thing. When he realized I was not buying that he then said it was only popping corn – you know the hard kernels – that he was shooting out of a gun. Little shit. I told him regardless what it was it was a weapon, he had inflicted damage on my home and if he ever aims a weapon at me or my home or anyone else he was in big trouble. He then tried to do the ‘can’t have been that much damage thing.’ I told him that whatever damage he does his parents pay for and I was sure they would not be happy about that. I explained I would be seeing his parents when they got home on Monday. I also pointed out that he could seriously injure someone with his ‘gun’ and suggested that unless he
wanted to have police involvement over a malicious shooting he should put his gun or whatever it was - away. He looked scared shitless. One peep from the kid this weekend and he is toast. Some people raise the dumbest kids. And dumb kids with projectiles = danger to themselves and others.

Guns – yes, they go bang, bang and they have been glamorized by Dirty Harry and James Bond. Any fool can own one and shoot one. But to me, unless you have the necessary training and mental stability, you may as well run with scissors as the result will be the same but instead of harming another, you’ll only hurt your dumb arsed self.

Another moment to vent – the bank has changed their incredibly easy telephone bill paying system and put in the automated bitch from hell. That cow took 2 lots of $385.00 for one bill. I hate her. She must die.

On to much, much more pleasant things….

Passions of Atlantis by Alexis Canto
has been released at Ellora’s Cave. Yes, it’s all ready to buy – just click on the cover. What I love about this book is it romantic and sexy but it also has this totally different plot. Past lives and past passion? You gotta’ love that. Read below then click and buy. It sounds like a keeper to me.

The blurb….

When pro photographer Brandi meets hot professor Pascal, she thinks she's in for nothing more than a fling.
But when Pascal introduces her to a secret means of tapping in to other people's lives from the distant past and reliving their experiences in all their passion, longing and pleasure, Brandi finds her emotions ensnared and her body aroused. Each trip to the past leaves her spinning with desire and overwhelmed by raw experience.
At the same time, Pascal penetrates Brandi's cool exterior, threatening to win her heart.

The excerpt…

Brandi had the urge to remind Pascal she lived far away. She wanted to affirm to him that she was a loner, only in this for a night or two of sex with a near stranger. She smiled, appreciating the intensity of his gaze. This promised to be an interesting evening to say the least. "This can only be a fling," she said. "If there's something special here, it has to be something short-lived."
Pascal slowly traced warm fingers up and down her sides. "Then we'll have to make the most of the time we have," he said. She relaxed into his touch, thinking of her earlier fantasy about him. Her body responded with arousal that made her skin feel hot and her inner thighs moist. She let her eyelids drift closed, savoring the juxtaposition of the memory of her imaginings earlier in the day with the reality of the man standing in front of her, his hands wandering over her torso.
"You came here," he said. Her eyes were still closed. "I gave you my address and you came. That says a lot, Brandi. Maybe more than you realize."
She felt a strange fluttery lightness in her chest as he spoke those words. She decided to ignore the feeling. It could mean anything or it could mean nothing at all. "Just tell me one thing," she said. "Anything you want. One secret about you. I have a rule that I don't have sex with a man until I know a secret about him."

….oooh, what’s the secret??? And hey – remember – contest coming very soon…scroll down and see what we have planned. Can you ever go wrong with chocolate?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Good for you. Hopefully the fear you put in that stupid boy will prevent him from graduating to a large gun with real bullets. I don't understand why they fail to grasp the concept that projectiles of any variety are truly dangerous when launched at high speed. Perhaps shooting them all in the foot with their "harmless" toys would help with that.

Anika Hamilton said...

I would have loved to see Amarinda, warrior woman, in action.

Anny Cook said...

Glad you put the fear of somebody in him. I believe there is a place for a gun, but it isn't in an teenager's hands for sure!

Regina Carlysle said...

Good for YOU. Glad you scared the little shit. Many teenagers have no CLUE what is dangerous and sometimes think NOTHING of destroying property. One of my son's friends shot BB's into our garage wall several years ago. Of course, we weren't home at the time...the adults, I mean. My son and his friend had to dig the 30 some odd bb's out of the wall and repaint the garage...all of it. Dummies.

Molly Daniels said...

Good for you!

Had a similar conversation with the idiot teen who nearly caused the demise of my daughter's glasses. Fortunately, they were found, and his grandma backed me up on potential punishment:)

Sandra Cox said...

Good for you, Amarinda. Handled that one just right. Good thing you were home.
Wishing you many sales, Alexis, sounds like a great read.

Jacquéline Roth said...

Now "going cornin'" isn't a new concept to me but we never used anything but our hands to launch the projectiles. A hand full of popping corn against someone's metal shed sounds like buckshot.

Firing it from a gun is just stupid.