Saturday, 21 February 2009

Now day 2…

Day 1

The following happened between 3.30am and 10:30pm….

- cab to the airport – cab guy insisted he knew where he was going – he didn’t – I insisted he follow my directions – we get to the airport and did not end out west in whop-whop

- carried my excessively heavy bag to the scale at airport check in – limit was 23kg – held breath – bag came in at 22.95kg…yay me.

-got stopped at the bag x-ray – who forgot to take the two pocket knives out of her hand bag? Bugger. Got the whole bag searched. The man – very nice – said why do you need all this crap? I bet no one questions MacGyver. Cleared to go through after a lecture. Yes – I should have had more thought…head hung in shame

-Virgin Blue flight from Brizzie – excellent – staff – excellent

- Hotel – "Ms Jones we have upgraded you to a King size suite with complimentary breakfast" Hmmm, what the’s the catch? None – Ms Jones very happy.

- Met my editor – a goddess among women – chatted to H for quite a while. Met in her hotel room. Discovered her hotel room has freaky coloured louvres between the bedroom and the bathroom – means you can watch someone as they use the bathroom. Resolved never to use that as a decorating idea.

- Ms Jones loses key to hotel several times – horrible feeling it is in one of the gift bags I will give away

- Convention drinks night – "what??? I can’t hear you." So loud, no real food and very tempted to drink like a fish to forget it all but refrained. Left at 10pm as losing plot and starving

- Got back to hotel – did something decadent and ordered room service – OMG – love room service - but always suspect that would be the case.

Day 2

- Breakfast – fan-bloody-tastic – thinking of leaving home for good and living in a hotel

- Got another replacement key to room – staff very nice and no one rolls eyes – "It’s not a problem Ms Jones…"

- Dressed in Cerridwen Press t-shirt – way, way too large – why do we always think we are fatter than we are?

- Breakfast in belly, swimming in shirt – off for day 2

Wishing you were here....