Friday, 27 February 2009


McDONALD'S is lifting prices in poorer suburbs where it believes consumers are more likely to accept higher charges without complaint.,23739,25107277-952,00.html

Well, this completely sucks. No, I don’t eat at this establishment – hell, I worked there as a teenager – I ate more than my fill in that time – but the fact that they plan to charge people in lower socio economic areas more $$ to buy their food is wrong. Yes, I know people should not frequently indulge in junk food but there is a whole list set in stone with all the things people “should not do but do.” I believe it’s wrong to target the weakness of one group of people for profit – yeah this company is in business and profit is the main aim of that business but singling people out because of their perceived habits due to ‘class’ or economic realities is just wrong and haven’t revolutions started this way? And yes, this company could say ‘well, we’re only charging more to stop people eating unhealthy food’ but then this would then imply their food is rubbish. So, solve the problem and charge everyone – rich or poor – the same amount. Treat people with some respect will ya? I think you’ll find it works.

The two main child actors from Slumdog Millionaire are to receive new homes from the Indian authorities after the low-budget movie swept the Oscars, winning eight awards.

Okay – so what would have happened to these poor little buggers if they had not been in a movie that won an Oscar? What happens to the thousands of kids living in poverty in the slums of Mumbai or other parts of India? It smacks of tokenism to me and it solves the problems of two kids but leaves thousands in jeopardy. Yes – great, perfect – happy for those 2 kids but what about the other 2 million – give or take? How do they get into a movie and get a brand new dream home? It smacks of Eva Peron handing out ‘wishes’ to the ‘shirtless’ ones in Argentina. Sure, it looks pretty and nice and everyone goes ‘aww’ but what happens after that? Cast all kids in peril – no matter what country – in a movie and give them a safe life? If you care – sponsor a child – give them a real chance at health, education and clean water and decent food. Plenty of charities do this – I sponsor kids through World Vision Australia. Come on – do not let these kids have to audition for movies to get a good home. As crap as the economic crisis for all of us – consider helping just one kid.

Almost off my soapbox….

Nadya Suleman, the American woman who gave birth to octuplets, has been offered $US1 million ($A1.54 million) to star in hardcore porn.

OH. MY. GOD….who comes up with these sleazy backroom ideas? “Hey – you know the chick that had the 8 kids? Let’s see her naked.” And the thing is there are people who would pay to see that. Why? I don’t know. I don’t think I’m on enough drugs to grasp that. Clearly this woman is not in her right mind. Clearly there are lots of issues that she is dealing with. Only some sick and perverted bastard would want to exploit that. Whoever you are stop playing with yourself and move on sunshine.

That’s it – it’s Friday – and by definition that means it’s a beautiful day...and I picked up another book contract – I can’t complain – well I could but who wants to listen to someone else’s problems?

*** Picture is from Melbourne’s Chinatown…it amused me…click on it to see it in full. You can try to dress something with a pretty name but it still is what it is.
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