Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A character from characterville...

I wrote this secondary character called Swerve in my first Vampire book called Shades of Gray. The feedback from readers about Swerve was quite amazing. He is this guy who wanders in and out doing dumb stuff. He’s annoying and yet you can’t help but like him despite his irritating habits and inability to focus on anything.

Anyway, Swerve shows up in Run the Gantlet, again as a secondary character. Gantlet sort of roughly follows the other three vamp books but not really. I’m not into writing a deadset series. I like to link books so they can be read in any order but none are dependant on the other. What is Swerve doing with vampires? Who the bloody hell knows. But he’s there being Swerve – vague, irresponsible yet strangely wise in a drugged sort of way.

Swerve wanders in and out of Gantlet, really just as a side bar to other stuff that is happening. Why did I put him in there when he really has nothing to do with the story? I’m not sure. He just turned up so I continued writing him in. And again, the response to him has been amazing. So, due to that, as soon as I finish my werewolf book, I’m going to write a vampire book featuring Swerve. Who is Swerve? Why is he just wandering through vampire books and why do we want to know more about the Swerves of the world? In my mind I know who Swerve is. I’ll be interested to see if it matches what readers think. I believe there is a little Swerve in all of us.
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Sandra Cox said...

I love great secondary characters.

Anny Cook said...

Ah. I so enjoyed Swerve. Looking forward to knowing more about him!