Saturday, 22 August 2009


I had been putting off forever sorting out a massive amount of filing at work. Why? Well the words ‘massive amount of filing’ should be a indicator of reluctance and also because filing is beyond boring. Besides, I don't like to either think at work or waste my vowels and consonants on filing. But I had to bite the bullet and file. How pukeable.

Lots of people asked me 'what are you doing?' Duh. Anyway, my answer varied from person to person - this means some people believe I was removing all files that started with R because “we as a company were no longer dealing with the letter R” - or counting the number of boy names and dividing by the percentage of girl names to come up with a number to give management. Many others stopped by to tell me that I was wearing a purple shirt and jeans just like the receptionist and another colleague. I responded “didn't you get the memo about wearing purple today? No? Oh, well I would just plead ignorance if you’re asked." Yes, I like to be confusing.

So, the boring, pukeable filing. Is it alphabetically correct? I doubt it. I lost consciousness somewhere after H or maybe it was G so I can confidently say it is a hell of a mess. But that's okay because if someone can’t find something - usually a man - I say “Let me have a 'girl' look and I will find it straight away.” And I do, eventually, and they are impressed. It’s all smoke and mirrors and pure, dumb luck.

This is dedicated to all office workers but particularly A & D in the northern branch office. I still beat you out the door.
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Unknown said...


I haven't had to file in a couple years. We have one person in the department do all the filing. On one hand, I feel sorry for this person. On the other I don't feel very sorry because we're finding things like filing and reading stuff that this person can do to keep a job as this person can't or won't learn to use the computer enough to do the rest of our job.

Unknown said...

I LOVED the premature evacuation video.

My daughter (who doesn't work in an office) didn't think it was funny, however. One day, she will.

Sandra Cox said...

Can so relate with the picture. All filing should go under P for pukeable.