Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Femininity versus stupidity…

"To us Caster is simply the best 800m woman World Champion and must be given a heroine's welcome upon return to South Africa on Tuesday," the minister said.

The gender-testing debate has sparked outrage in the 18-year-old's home country, with the ruling party and its youth and women's wings saying the test smacked of racism and sexism.

"Accordingly, all of us as South Africans, especially women, must rally around Caster and reject with the contempt it deserves the insinuations being made about her gender."

I was not going to comment on this issue at all. Why? Because frankly I found it both sexist and racist and I’m not about to judge anyone ever on the way they look. But after hearing someone today crap on about how this woman, Caster Semenya, could only be a man ‘because no woman looks like that’ – well frankly that just shits me off no end.

What is a woman supposed to look like? What is beautiful? What is acceptable? Big boobs? Blonde hair? A pretty voice? Who defines femininity? When did being an individual and unique become a bad thing? When did not being the standard stereotypical pretty woman mean you were a man? How many women do I know who are flat chested? Lots. How many have deep voices? Heaps. Are they men? No. Would anyone question their femininity? Only superficial nongs. I remember several years ago when a female French tennis player’s femininity was being questioned. They were wrong then. ‘Got to wonder why we rarely question the looks of a man like this. Sexism? Oh hell yes.

I’m not beautiful. I’m plain and average. I’m no one’s ideal. But I have big boobs and a 'standard' feminine voice so – phew - I’m safe from accusations. I believe people should seriously look at themselves first before they question the appearance of another or demand someone jump through a hoop to prove who they are. No one is that perfect that they can judge. Leave the woman alone. She won. Get over it.
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